What is a sound? What is a word? What is an image?


Whether they be pleasant or unpleasant, they are expressions. Expressions of who we are. Perhaps, of who we long to be. Expressions of places visited, seen… Expressions of things tasted, sounds heard… Expressions of emotions felt. The way we portray our thoughts into tangible reality.

Welcome to a place where the Starling Sings. A place for personal thoughts and musings through word and image. Where I can explore, learn, share, and keep on photo journaling to capture memories and feelings…

The world of sight, the world of the eye, cannot take usĀ beyond what is shown. Because sight can only go so far, it takes words and thought to give the real truth and meaning behind what is seen.

-Os Guinness, as quoted in Lit!

Please enjoy. All photos taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Irina Shpak
March 2, 2015