Snow Portrait

How quickly things change in one day.

One day I can feel like superwoman. The next, like a sloth.


I started writing about the pursuit gathering last night but it was late and I was too tired to actually write. I posted just a few images from the ones I received for the reason that it’s not about the images of me really, but about the experience itself. So, here’s a little addition to that post from last night.

photo by Rebecca Anne
photo by Rebecca Anne

 First off, I want to say how happy I am that my husband is supportive and gives me opportunities to do things like this. He spent the rest of the day, after church on Sunday, with Jemma, while I went with the girls.

I went up to Annetta’s house to meet her and whoever else was carpooling with us. Her house was as charming as it was in her photos and honestly, I wanted to roam around to look at everything.


What was cool was to experience a bunch of girls all shooting the same subject. Some like to guide and say what to do, while others shoot without directing. There was a gal who used only film. Her photo was the first one on the previous post. It was also nice to hear how each person has their own style and what they shoot. Or how specific they are about editing.

As for being up there and changing in the cold snow. Well, it was cold. But I had fun, and met some nice people, and did something new and different. Everybody was nice and laid back, and in the end, I got a few images to keep from the day.


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