An Afternoon Excursion

It feels like it’s been such a long weekend! We can’t seem to get over something we got and it goes from one thing into another. Jemma’s taking her nap and I have a few moments to myself. I guess I could have picked up all the mail Jemma ‘organized’ or unloaded the dishwasher, or…

But I’d rather finish my now much cooler coffee and do things of not much importance!  

Late Thursday night I baked. (I like to try new things. There’s either the very intricate ones, or the very easy, simple and quick ones! This one is super easy and quick and will be a go-to for sure!) Usually, it’s a way to relax for me but this time I had a few interruptions so it  wasn’t a start to finish kind of thing. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to making this recipe from Bon Appetit and was very pleased with it! It’s even better if Peter likes it too, and he did! So we finished it off this past weekend! We both agree it is so good with coffee!

Friday night, I prepared our breakfast for Saturday. I go by a breakfast casserole type recipe and modify it to my liking. This time I added whole garlic cloves on top. Garlic is so good for us and we don’t eat it enough. But what’s cool about this type of breakfast is that we don’t have to do much in the morning except put it in the oven and make our coffee and tea. And it kind of has a little bit of everything in it to make you pretty full.

Those are my plants getting sun. And current flowers on the table. March has been a month of flowers everywhere all month long!

As for Sunday, well, I couldn’t stay in the house any more so we had a late afternoon excursion of a section in Capitol Hill Seattle. With my throat bothering me and having already had some food, I wasn’t in the mood for much food so I got just poutine at Skillet Diner!  I’ve been reading about poutine (you’ll know why in some time) and for someone who’s a potato lover, it’s now another favorite! There are a couple of places that I still think of that had some amazing fries. We had some scrumptious ones on Vashon Island, drizzled with truffle oil, and ones in Victoria, BC at the first place we ate at there. Anyway, I should stop talking about fries because it’s making me want some!


My fellow coffee drinker.

We parked across the Oddfellows building and explored the area around. I really liked that building and we know where we’ll be coming back to eat. The cafe is such a cool looking space and the baked goods by the door beckoned me as we passed by in the hall… I’m the kind of person who likes to wander so we went upstairs and looked at the ballroom and whatever else there was to see…

We also got a bag of beans from Caffe Vita to try another local coffee. Here’s the thing, beans make such a huge difference, but that will be a whole new post!

After a book store, browsing, and some New York style pizza, we were done. It was time to prep Jemma for her bedtime.


Peter and I love watching movies, but lately we’ve been watching episodes of Psych. I’ve watched all of the first few seasons about four years ago, but it’s fun to re-watch them with Peter and just laugh at some of the most ridiculous banter between the characters! And that’s how we ended the night…with tea, and honey for my throat, next to each other in the “hang out” room.


 Peter came back in with these from our backyard. I said, “Oh, cute!” and he answered with a chuckle, “weeds.” Sadly, there are a lot of weeds right now, but these bleeding hearts aren’t one of them. I think they make a pretty little addition to the house and brighten up the beginning of the week.

I’ve been finishing this as Jemma is supposed to be taking her second nap, but apparently she just threw her pillow over the railing…so…I have to go…



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