Page After Page

It’s been quite the day. Let’s just say there was a lot of washing today.

Jemma finally became her chirpy self after 3pm today, after half a day of throwing up. These kind of days come unexpected and unplanned. We just wake up and go, taking in it as it comes. It certainly keeps life spontaneous with change being inevitable.


We really like the Russian blocks that I got at a local children’s store. It helps me since I want Jemma to know Russian. We match the animals to her animal magnets, or to the pictures in her life-size Russian Alphabet book.
Blocks : Uncle Goose Russian ABC Blocks.
I’d recommend the Bible to any family. More info here.

One of my favorite things to watch Jemma do is ‘read’. The way she turns her books right side up. The way she will take a section of pages and flip through them as if looking for a specific page. The way she ‘speed reads,’ flipping pages so fast I can’t keep up to comment. She will point to pictures and ask what is what, sometimes over and over. Or when she recognizes something in the books that she has in real life, like a rocking horse or bear. Lately, she’s even shown signs of fear of “bad” characters, like Goliath in her storybook bible, where she’ll climb up on me and get real close. She’ll get so excited if I tell her, “let’s go read.” She’ll run, aka fast crawl, ahead to the big, red chair where we like to get cozy and read. She’ll pick out books in her room after she wakes, she’ll rummage and choose books out of her crate, and through out the day, no matter what, it’s always back to the books…

It’s cute how she prefers the real pages, not the board books. She also has her favorites. For a time being, it was The Mitten. In fact, we could reread it right after we’d finish. And she’d “achoo” like the bear who sneezes, and laugh with amusement,  before we would even read that page. She’s had a favorite in her room, her nursery rhymes book, and I believe it was a favorite because it was the only real page book I let her go at on her own, at first…

Now one of her favorites is a Russian children’s book that my parents brought over awhile back. A book my mom used to teach my siblings to read out of, with syllables marked up, and pages tattered from wear. Jemma has added to that wear because I’ve let her ‘read’ on her own. And that’s ok with me. Her other favorite is, The Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s one of my favorites too! And oh, the delight, when she can get ahold of one of her Peter Rabbit books from the set. Those are the best, since they are small enough and have the cutest little drawings of little animals on real pages. Those, she finds pretty fascinating! As do I…

She also likes to ‘organize’ and open mail for us. So my mom ordered her a baby magazine subscription from Highlights. Now she has her own personal mail and magazine, made perfect for baby’s hands. Even though she likes to browse my magazines anyway, because who knows, maybe she’ll be inspired by something she sees in Bon Appetit or something!

All this thinking about Jemma makes me want to go get her and snuggle and giggle and kiss… But I’ll have to wait ’till morning…

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