The Shpaks Travel-California

Jemma is taking her nap. I don’t want her to be cranky and tired, since the sun and all the excitement can wear her out pretty fast. 

Sunday was an adventure! Because Jemma got to fly for the first time. That morning she could sense something as we all prepared and packed the final things into our bags. She got to experience all those things she always points to and reads about and sees on the streets. Riding in a big bus, through the the airport in a train, and flying in a plane! We brought her car seat onto the plane and that made the flight so easy. She took her nap while we flew so we rested and didn’t have to fuss. And for the take off and landing we would play and show her with our hands how the plane flies so she would imitate and laugh. Oh how she giggled as it rumbled at take off. The vibrations of the plane were amusing. And she’d grip the sides of her seat as the plane would dip. What we do is keep talking, explaining, playing with lots of sound effects and facial expressions, as well as soothing and holding. As long as she knows what’s happening and we are there she is fine.  And having some distractions, like her sippy cup, her snack container, and her doll, who would play peek a boo with her;), helped  too.

And let me say, Jemma is such a joy! She brightens our life. When we land and get off the plane, it’s as if we are greeted by all smiling people, just gushing at how happy she is. It’s as if she beams, with a huge grin on her face and such a pleased state of being! “What a happy baby!” is probably the most heard phrase said about her! 

The reason for our trip is because it’s Peter’s work trip and we are tagging along. We’re also kind of giving it a go before our own trip to see how it goes. To make things easy, we took only what we needed for the travel day for her. Then bought a small package of diapers and wipes and stocked up on her foods and what not…

    Jemma has loved it so far! She’s such a little adventurer! Exploring every nook and cranny of our “new” place. 

    A stop at Whole Foods had me almost getting flowers for the hotel room! 

   Fast forward past all the details, to the end of the day where we drank roobios tea and turned on the tv to see if anything  was on but the fact that we were exhausted led us to go to bed earlier than we have ever in a long, long time. So come 8pm, we were in bed. 

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