After The Weekend

This weekend held so much excitement. A whole house to explore, people to reacquaint with and meet, so many faces and sounds. The attention, the different pace, the adventure of it all. That meant no structure, no routines, and just going with the flow. Jemma doesn’t eat well in excitement and bedtime was later the last few days, so after it all, today we recouped!  She took two long naps. And I enjoyed the time.

Today I started working on familiarizing myself with my Fujifilm camera. I’ve always been very much visual so for me to know the names of parts and what they do technically is something I’ve always been lazy to learn. But when the visual, the feel, and the technical combine, it gets even better! My goal is to drop away from snapping candid iPhone photos all day long and start using the camera. What I noticed is how much less images I get and how much slower I am. But that’s because I’m not used to using this kind of camera as well as adjusting settings, while also trying to understand. 

This is an image sent to my phone from the camera from this morning, and one before I decided I need to use continuos focus for Jemma, or any moving child. 

Jemma is so amazing. This morning she handed me the book, Love You Forever, because of the part she remembers about the mother rocking her baby back and forth and singing. So whenever I’d get to that part, each time she’d rock sideways. Later, she cuddled closer so I’d actually rock her as I’d read that part. Such a sweetheart.

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