Showered In Petals

We were driving back to our hotel, from Mattituck, New York, and turned into a lane that led to a park. The ‘park’ looked like it was just wildlife until we came upon a clearing. With no one around, quiet and still, there stood a couple beautiful, blooming trees. It was getting late and Jemma was already tired. But we sat her on our blanket under one of the trees with hopes of getting a few images. We weren’t even planning on what came next. In these photos, you can’t see how upset Jemma was to be put down on that blanket, until Peter shook a branch and petals began to shower her. Then, there were no more tears but giggles and laughter so contagious we couldn’t take it!  And if we stopped, she’d show for us to do it again and fall back into joy and laughter at each shake of  a branch. The images below are me shaking a branch with one hand and trying to catch her right in the middle of a laugh, with my other hand. They aren’t even sharp but I had to get her when she laughs because she has the best laugh ever!

Petal ShowerPetal ShowerPetal Shower Petal Shower


We left that clearing, leaving it back to silence, with only one evidence that we were even there; scattered, windblown petals under one tree.

It’s funny how the best part of that whole day was in those moments of  pure happiness and flying petals. Unplanned and unexpected.


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