Officially Fall

I’ve had so many intentions of posting updates and blogging on what’s happening currently in our life, but intentions are just that. My ‘blog posts’ are most often left ‘written’ out in my mind, stored away until forgotten.

And although I did want to share about our move from the Seattle area to the Denver area, this won’t be it.

First thing’s first! I am so excited for Fall! (Who isn’t? From all the photos I’ve been seeing, looks like it’s the craze.) It’s officially Fall, but here in Denver, it hardly looks or feels it. (At least in our area.) As I had posted on an Instagram caption, I keep dressing for Fall and it keeps blazing like the desert.  So what are we to do about that? We are going over to the woody, mountainous, foliage covered Aspen area to get our early fix! I’m  looking forward to this weekend because we’ll be exploring, looking at the colors, and taking photos. And eating. The days where the breeze is stronger and the air feels nice and crisp have been here, and just make me that more eager to get out and hear the crunch of my steps on the yellow leaves.

I’m a bit disappointed that all my scarves are in storage because I didn’t think to include them in our partial shipment to our temporary place of living. But oh well. Plus the sun usually feels so hot, I doubt I’ll need that many layers. I’m pregnant so it’s always too warm for me anyway!

Second. Nothing feels more like Fall than getting into the mood. You know, girls color their hair darker or something like that. Or start drinking those Autumn themed drinks. I started with my nails. Inspired by Chanel, my nails have been a deep, deep blue. At first when I saw the ad, I was intrigued by the name of the polish. Fortissimo. Anyone who knows music will understand. So being such a cool name and it being Chanel, I naturally decided I wanted it. Except, when I went to get it, Nordstrom didn’t have it in stock and since we were moving, I put it off. Well, apparently, it was a limited edition and I had to settle for the very close Midnight Cami from Essie! And I guess since it’s a third of the price of the Chanel, it is ok with me. Fortissimo just sounded so me.

Third. I’ve also started a new book. And so the true reason for this post! See how distracted I can be. I go to write about a serious little point, and end up talking about nails. So let me get to the point.

As I read, and that is any book by any author, I always read with a filter on.  Why I say that is because there is not one person in this world, no matter how similar we might think we may be, with whom we will agree with 100%  at all times on all topics. They may be wise, Godly, experienced, etc… and yet there will still be at one point (or many) or another, where we differ in thought. Same goes for people we acquaint with who speak into our lives. They may not be authors but it applies to them as well. Anyway, I’m diverging again.

I’ve started reading a new book, Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson. I’m enjoying it so far but there was a phrase that started me thinking about something that has nothing to do with the book itself.

Justification is a word that simply means that our record is both “just as if we had never sinned” and also “just as if we had always obeyed.”

I don’t know about you, but I strive to see people as Jesus would. But as you know, we can stray so far from our ways or fall back into the old ways, and like with anything, for me it’s seeing people or perhaps certain people like Jesus sees them.

When it comes to people who are close to me, say for example, Peter, it is much easier to see him that way. I know to look at him as Jesus, and I try. It is even more natural to me. Partly because I love him, I talk to him, I share my own heart with him. And because I know that just like Peter, I am a sinner myself and fall short myself. Jesus forgives me. I forgive others.

Same thing with a stranger or even an unbeliever. It is even easier. I know that this person might be doing this or that because they need Jesus and they do not know what, or sometimes why, they are doing what they are doing.

Yet when I think of certain Christians, or sometimes those who call themselves Christians and perhaps they are not people I even like (and it is ok to not like some people), I find myself falling back into my old ways where I do not want to see them as forgiven. I do not want to see them as Jesus sees them. Justified. I see them for what I know about them. For that one thing. And that is who they are in my eyes. It’s as if that becomes their identity in my eyes.

All at the same time, I know I am wrong. And no matter what excuse or what I think up of, I am wrong. Evil just wants to creep in and seep inside. It wants me to believe that their one thing, is way worse than any other I’ve done and it shouldn’t be forgiven. That they shouldn’t be forgiven. It wants to satisfy the I in me.

And I have to remind myself and preach to myself. Sometimes it’s a mini battle. And God is so good. He reminds me of who I am and what he has done for me and that I am no different. I am reminded that if that person, those people, are believers, they are headed in the same directions as myself. And a good lesson I once heard is that in the end we will be in the same place together! Just as Jesus is working in my heart, Jesus is working in those people’s hearts. They are going through  lessons in life just as I have and am. And they are forgiven just as I am. That ‘one thing’ is as if it never was! It doesn’t matter what I might “want” to believe. If I believe to be justified, and know how God sees me, and am a believer, know the truth, I can’t deny that it is no different how he sees that brother or sister in Christ. God is good. Even if takes awhile sometimes, slowly but surely, it becomes easier.

So I have to humble myself. I lose the silly battle. In fact I know it before I even start fuming in my thoughts, but hey they come. And I have to whisk them away. Fast.

Speaking of whisking. My husband  got me  a few things for my birthday. And  I’m looking forward to using them. Two of which are a copper beating bowl, and a Turkish coffee maker! How I like things that not only sit pretty, but are useful as well! And if you know me, you know I like coffee. And coffee gadgets. And making coffee by different methods. There are a few hindrances at the moment but once we settle into our house, it might be a little bit easier.



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