All In A Month

Ah, how exciting is it to start each month! It’s the first day of October and a pretty good one too. I’ve decided to post a little something each day this month as I’ve done in the past before.

September is over and that means I have turned another year older, and a new season has started and Fall has begun. What a busy month of transitions and all sorts of things it has been, but I’m glad there are things to look back on and remember. We sold our house in Renton, moved to Colorado, Peter started his new position, I turned 31, Jemma is now 20 months, and we are almost done with buying our new house as we live in a temporary apartment! 

Today, we went out to buy Jemma some new shoes. If anyone has noticed, Jemma has worn mostly one pair of cute little mary jane shoes she received as a gift. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all the cute little things made for little babies and toddlers, but I just didn’t feel she really needed a collection at her age. Let’s just say, my reason gets the best of me sometimes even if I do want to splurge on things sometimes. But anyway, she is growing and little feet need comfort so we got a couple pairs for her. It is so fun with this little one! She is just full of joy and enjoyment at everything she sees. The way she picks shoes; at one point there was a very wide, “waow” as she grabbed a glittery pair of shoes! I tell her, “let’s take a photo for daddy,” and she stops and gives me a huge grin! She knows how to take a photo since I do it all day long, pretty much!

It’s funny to see her opinion about things too. She’s into shaking her little head back and forth and saying, “no” in Russian with her little baby accent. I showed her a brown boot to try and she says no and points to the pink little ballet slipper, “pink.” So we try it on even though we won’t be getting it. I actually like asking her, and getting her input because first of all it’s fun, and it’s nice to see what she thinks. Sometimes I get a no even though I’d like a yes… I’ll ask her to help me put away all her balls. She thinks I didn’t hear her and she leans in and peeks into my face to say, “нет.”(no.)


A little from my 31st birthday.

This year I wasn’t awaiting my birthday from day one of September because there was no time nor energy to even think about such a faaaar away event! It felt quite different because I didn’t even really pay attention to it even coming up. Perhaps some people do that every year, treat their birthday as any other day of the year, but I normally don’t. At least not in mood and feel.

My husband made a very nice birthday for me which was wonderful. He is super sweet and had set up roses in a white pitcher with a card so when I got up in the morning, that was waiting for me. All in all, it was a very sweet and memorable evening.

Sitting under  a lit up tree in the very lovely courtyard of Bistro Vendome in Larimer Square in Denver.
  As much as I love Jemma’s huge grin, or her mischievous little smile, and her contagious laugh and giggle, I can’t help but also love her serious gaze with those big blue eyes of hers!
  She loves when we’re together! “вме,” she always says to say, “вмести,” which means, together.  In fact, we are “MaPa!”   September 11, 2015 Denver, Colorado. Who knew we’d be here!
  Saturday, the morning after my birthday, we tried another cafe. A few years back, just looking at eggs like those would have made me gag, but after marrying Peter, I’ve expanded my tastes;)
Little walks in our current neighborhood.

Jemma has to ‘sniff sniff’ the flowers as we pass them by.  

And the best of all, her love for daddy! Because he’s the best!

My two loves!

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