Day Two.

Most every day, I try to take Jemma out and check out some of the spots I look up and have saved on my map. Everything is new here for us with no one to say, “hey, that spot is real neat in your area…” I do have a cousin who recently got married and moved over to Colorado as well, but they are in a completely different area!

Lately if I say we are going somewhere Jemma says, “pahk.” If she could have it, it would be a park which means playground for her. Everyday, all the time. We get into the car and she of course requests, “muzh.” Music. And preferably with ‘detki’ (children) singing. But if it’s a man or woman she will say, “дядя” for man, or “tutu” for тетя which is woman.  And of course with her baby accent everything is super cute. Weather she is saying no and helps me in the end anyway, or repeating the most peculiar choice of all our words, it’s always adorable.

Yesterday we looked at McCabe Meadows which is a park (but not exactly the kind Jemma thinks of when she says park). Stopped at some shops called Parker Shoppes and got some stickers at Hobby Lobby. Below you can read about a ninja mouse that resides in the area. Seriously, it’s like it belongs in a movie of it’s own or something. A mouse that jumps like a kangaroo and can change direction in mid air!

The Parker Shoppes had the cutest owls (which Jemma loves) and even had Christmas ornaments and things. Is this too early to say Christmas? Well, I like to live in the present, but I’m so looking forward to Winter here. And to think, the official Colorado tree is a Blue Spruce which is exactly the kind I like for a christmas tree. They are such a pretty color and so sturdy for ornaments. We already decided we are cutting one down this year!

There is the coolest nursery and garden center close to where we are with endless things to look at for landscaping and gardening. Jemma pets the animal statues and climbs up to sit on every bench she sees. There’s a pond inside with the biggest fish ever, a fairy garden, a gnome village, and right now, a huge display of pumpkins. So we stopped again today to browse and look at everything inside because it’s so much more than just a nursery.

    Oh how I love this little human of ours! She’s the glitter in my life, the pixie dust around me. A sparkle wherever we go!

Today was one of those days I couldn’t say was very productive. Every day is different and unpredictable. But at least it was windy and overcast. It wasn’t a glamorous day of any sort, but these days are what makes up our life. Where we deal with the regular things like, feeding, wiping, soothing, putting to sleep, and repeating. It’s all that is in between that can be seen as treasure, the memorable things. ‘Glamourous’ moments amidst the mundane.  Dinner wasn’t glamorous either but tasty.

With Jemma in bed, we ate pelmeni, Russian dumplings, all buttered with freshly ground pepper. It seems early, but I’m ready for bed. It’s one of those days…

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