The Rustle Of The Leaves

Day Three.

I’m sitting on my bed with the window open by my side and the cold breeze that’s flowing through the room feels so good. It’s such a cozy feeling when the air is brisk, but my feet are in warm socks and covered up by a blanket with a warm cup of Roobios tea at my side.

I absolutely love the weekends when we are all home together. This morning, the freshness of the weather called us outside so we all took a walk. Otherwise, today has been a cleaning day. We cleaned as a family, Jemma included. She is always so eager to help.


When we lived in our former house, we had three beautiful birch trees in the backyard that could be seen from our bedroom window. It was always such a  pleasant view to watch as the tops of the trees would rustle in the breeze. I remember Jemma, still a tiny one, being still and mesmerized by the soft fluttering as she looked out from where she lay on our bed, and would slowly fall asleep that way. I myself have watched the soothing way the trees would move in the wind, countless times.

Over here in Colorado, the aspens look very similar to the kind of trees we had in our backyard, even in the way they rustle. I was curious and read a little about the two. The main difference to me was that the birch trees bark peels and the aspen’s doesn’t. They just look alike and have the same pleasant rustle of the leaves.

We are picking a movie to watch so it’s time for cuddling and relaxing. Have a goodnight (or day.)

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