Day Four.

It is Sunday which means it’s another chance for us to look for a home church. That is one of the things I’m looking forward to the most; finding a church that we can be part of! It’s hard because we only have one day a week to visit any one church. We think that upon finding a home church, we will even feel more at home.

There have been times where we come to a place we looked up and read about  but  as soon as we start worship, we already know we won’t be coming back. It’s one thing to read about something and another to experience it. Some are easy like that while others we would have to come back a few times to know for sure.

Today was a nice experience. Even though a much smaller church than we both are used to, which puts us out of our comfort zone, we enjoyed our time in the more intimate surrounding. Perhaps smaller churches in general feel warmer and more inviting, or just this one, but it was certainly that. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and it just felt like a bigger family. The one things that always intimidates me is that you can’t hide in a smaller church. And to be purposeful and true you have to be more vulnerable in a way. It’s like living in a small town vs a big city. Everyone knows everyone.


As for last night, I ended up nestling up against my husband and finishing the movie we were watching, asleep. Typical. I guess it’s my favorite way to fall asleep. Plus, it was a movie we’ve watched before. Peter laughs because I was the one who said we should do a movie marathon with the series. And there I was asleep in the middle of the first!


4 thoughts on “Churchless

  1. Hi! Where are you located? What church have you been to? And what is basically the first thing (aside from worshiping Jesus) that you look into when you attend a church? =) God bless. 🙂


    1. Hi:) Thank you for stopping by. We are in Colorado and have visited churches closest to where we are living now. What we look for in a church is strong doctrinal and gospel centered preaching and the spirit of the church in general. Cheerio:)


      1. Have you tried this church? I am from the Philippines but I am connected to Victory Churches of Asia. It is affiliated to Victory Churches International which I think has a church planted there in Colorado. =)


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