Woof, Woof

Day Eleven. 

Currently, continued:

  • Jemma says hi to the little baby growing inside me and it’s darling! 
  • She knows that each one of us has a heart that goes, “СТУК, СТУК.” ( it beats) And so does the baby.
  • She’s such a ferocious little colorer that crayons break under her artistic strokes! 
  • She names all the animals by their names except a cat is “meow” and a dog is ” woof woof.”
  • Owls and piggies are favorites.
  • IKEA is two stories high here and there is no crazy line at the cash register at H&M.
  • You can be tired and exhausted and burnt out at some point, but there are no days off. No sick days and no quitting. It’s called motherhood. How do mothers with lots of little ones do it!
  • All children are precious but oh how much more precious is my own daughter to me! (And to Peter.)
  • Little baby moves so much which makes me even more anxious to find out the gender. 

Today has been hectic. But the days is done and a new one comes tomorrow. I say it’s night and there is no point thinking about things I can’t do at the moment. So peace, and goodnight.

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