A Little Bird Lay An Egg

Day Twelve

These days are starting to blur. There is no waking up slowly out of a dream or laying in bed, wondering if I should get up or not. It’s more like a blaring alarm in my ear and a jump to start the day. Except I don’t remember the last time I used an actual alarm.

What better way to be nerdy than to post a family of starlings to announce our pregnancy. That was what I was going to do but didn’t. I had done it the night after we tested for the results. I had been anxiously waiting the whole time until I could, and when we got the result, we didn’t even wait, but told our families that early!  In this sketch we look like an angry family. Nothing cozy at all…but I’m not a real artist and I couldn’t make them all cozied up against each other looking toward each other. That would be too much work;)  Speaking of cozy, what evokes a sense of coziness for you? 

When I feel the first, brisk morning air.

A beanie on my hair and one on Jemma. Because it’s easier to get Jemma to wear a hat when she sees us do the same. Instant cozy.

A road trip with warm drinks. It’s just us and the car and what we pass as we drive along…

The thought of putting out our rugs on a hardwood floor and wearing thick socks or slippers.

Pictures of comfort food. Covers of bon appetit. Thinking of a Thanksgiving menu. (even if it’s just the three of us.)

Mashed potatoes. Yes. Mashed Potatoes evoke a sense of cozy.

My husband cradling Jemma because he is her comfort and safety.

Peter taking my hand as we walk or drive, or fall asleep.

You see, there are a lot of things I could put on the list. Most of them I envision in a house. Our future house. Not this apartment.


A little update on our house. We are blessed that we were able to purchase a house that is not old and doesn’t need any structural work. With the sale of our former house and the move itself, we are still able to change out the kitchen and put in hardwood flooring throughout the main floor, without affecting our mortgage amount, which I am so grateful for. Just a few years, and you can’t find a decent home in the same price range as before. Everything is more expensive. We had our kitchen planned out and ordered. It’s such an exciting thought to actually have a kitchen that you like and that makes sense. It would be such a relief and achievement if we were to have Thanksgiving in our new house but the timing of everything looks too close to seem like that could happen. If only!


I started this post earlier than I have been doing lately but that’s because Jemma is taking a nap and I have half the things I need to do, done already. Now to make a grocery list and get ready to take on the rest of the day.

With Jemma being sick, it affects us as a whole. Poor baby. So I’m hoping we can get through the rest of the day well, and that she will start feeling better.

Until tomorrow,


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