Day Thirteen.

With my Organic African Nectar tea at my side, I’m waiting for Peter to come home, and hoping Jemma is finally asleep. The poor girl hears all the sounds from upstairs and outside, and keeps waking. Have I mentioned how eager I am to get out of the apartment?


I’ve been looking for an old copy of Anne Of Green Gables, but in all the nearest used book stores they didn’t have any copies I like. I don’t want just any old copy so I settled for these new editions.  A Little Princess reminds me of my fifth grade teacher. My sister had her before me, so I knew that she gave out books for Christmas and oh, how I wanted to have her as my teacher! Well, she was and sure enough at Christmas, I got a book. A Little Princess. And I was in love. Sadly to say, as kids, we used to trade chores for things and had games we made up and ‘traded’ our belongings. So I had traded that beloved book with that older sister, and regretted it ever since. Here’s the thing. I am sentimental. And so having the original book I received would have been a great thing to have on my shelf. But it isn’t so.


I hope that this precious child of ours will love books as much as she does now and more.


She is our own Little Princess! Because all girls are!

For Jemma, the color orange is Pumpkin. “Which one is orange?” I ask, to which she says, “pumpkin,” and points. The orange bath toy dinosaur is ‘pumpkin’ and so is the orange crayon, and everything else that might be orange.

If I’m to draw something for her, it’s a pumpkin, a meow, or a woof woof.

A hot dog is ‘woof woof.’  Dog is ‘woof woof’ so why wouldn’t a hot dog be that as well?

Jemma waves ‘hello’ to dogs. It’s too bad they don’t wave back. She also waves “hi” to almost all kids and says “bye-bye.” It’s too bad not all of them pay attention or even see.

She is our friendly one.

The other day she literally bends over out of my arms, just to pet the dog by the entrance at the grocery store.

And tonight, (the first time I put her to bed) she was cuddled between woof woof and piggy. My darling.

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