Toilet Paper

Day Fourteen.

 I like lists. Today is a list day.

Today was:

a frantic out the door kind of day. I’m quite good at carrying a couple of bundles, bags, blankets, a toddler, sippy cups, and locking the door all at once.

a, chase my daughter, with toilet paper roll in hand, to wipe her running nose kind of day. All day long. If I were asked what stands out today in my day, it would be toilet paper. Everywhere.

a, hold Jemma in my arms sitting crossed legged for her entire nap in an empty house kind of day.

a P.F Changs kind of day. Lettuce wraps. Mmm.

Today, we had the gas connected to where our range will be. The house came with an electric stove without a gas hookup but, thankfully, did have a gas line to the house. The former stove is now sold, and hopefully someone will go for the kitchen cabinets.  A few more items off the list.

Now it’s time for some reading. And whatever else the evening may hold…


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