Dusty Purple

Day Eighteen.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

                                                                                            -Romans 12:15

It’s sad when you share good news with someone and they can’t be happy with you because they themselves are unhappy.


Have you ever walked through a mall and wondered why we have stores that are full of clothes, literally “rags” upon “rags,” falling of the hangers, the racks, with items on the floor, and still have humans unclothed and naked in the world?

I’m not a hoarder. In fact I clean out my closet and get rid of things. Yet my closet is still full. And I am clothed and not in need. If I complain about something in my wardrobe, it is not because it doesn’t keep me covered or warm. It is not because I lack in anything. It is only because I am ungrateful or forget how blessed I am…

Obviously there are so many things we take for granted, or expect as the norm. That we won’t get in a car accident, that we will stay healthy, that we can keep buying the things we buy or want. Or even need.  We are so used to how our life goes on.

I watched this documentary, Caffeinated, and it makes me appreciate my cup of coffee even more. Yes, coffee. We can do our normal stop at a coffee shop without a thought as to how the coffee got there. To us, a few dollars is nothing. We take it for granted. We can buy a drink, sometimes not even a good one, and never appreciate the hard labor that farmers go through to grow, pick, and sort the beans…So much labor, hand picking, hand sorting, manual work. I liked what one man had said as he was finishing roasting a batch of beans,

It’s like I’m giving my final touch in a painting…

People care about what they do. They care for the craft, and I appreciate that.  It makes me think of a couple of baristas I used to buy coffee from. I still remember the taste of the coffee I would get from them.

The film itself evoked a lot of feelings for me because I have this passion for coffee. And as I told my husband, if I weren’t a hairdresser, or a mom, which right now is my priority, I would be in the coffee industry. Even if in a small way.

Here in Denver they just had the grand coffee bazaar and I missed it. Perhaps next year! 

The trees- as if they change their clothes for autumn, and dress themselves in garments of gold. 

Jemma got her dose of “pahk.” I watched as she ran around with Peter following along and helping her.


We picked some colors for some rooms in our house. I really like the dusty, rustic purple for Jemma’s room. Peter also, sold the rest of the kitchen so that’s done. He’s a hard worker and I appreciate all that he does, but I am looking forward to when his part of the bigger projects are done so we get to see him more and he doesn’t have to long days, working after work!

Anyway, I have Peter with me now so I will say,


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