Day Twenty Three.

I am officially a Coloradan.  I probably would have put off getting my license for much longer, except that when we came to sign our final papers for our house and I handed my license over, it was expired.  It had expired when we had moved so I never even paid attention.  And so with a group of people, the sellers and the real estate agents waiting, we had to leave and get my passport for another form  of identification. So there was more of a need in getting it, than anything else.

It is the sweetest thing when Jemma says “lyalya” (baby) and then the baby’s name as best as she can. Randomly. The fact that she remembers without asking or prodding is what makes it even sweeter. She also says her name, only she’s not quite “Jemma,” but more like, “denna.” But she is so proud of it anyway!

She’s my little helper. Weather it’s because little ones want to be like their mama or papa, and imitate them, or because at this point it is not a ‘chore’,  but ‘cleaning’ and helping is “fun.” What is amusing to me is how I hand produce, or whatever else from the grocery store, to her and she looks and studies it, and then, right over her shoulder into the cart! It doesn’t matter if it’s frozen or fragile, it gets dropped if I am not quick  enough to take it back and put it away myself. Her favorite is if she gets a fresh loaf of bread to carry from the car. Then at home she will help put things away handing me an item from the bag while I put it in the fridge.

As for me, If I can get in a little of Anne of Green Gables tonight, I will be content…so on with the start of the weekend;)


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