Snow Capped Mountains

Day Twenty Five.

“Где папа?” (Where’s daddy?) And she points. Her pointing finger is her signature gesture! That is Jemma.


She’s has always been easy to understand and now, even more so, with so many words. She is very expressive and with body language and even her own made up signs, we can pretty much know what she is always saying. And has been saying. Sound effects, body language, and her little face, all say so much!

Today in church, as the kids were excused to head up to their area, Jemma, without any prodding, decided she was going with. She just knew where to go and headed that way, so we let her join in with all the kids instead of sitting with us.


You get up in the morning and pretty much have to dress for winter. You better be layered, because as soon as you step out in a few hours, at noon or so, it feels like summer. So hopefully you won’t be wearing a full on wool dress and fur boots, because you’d need to take them off. Layers, layers, layers. You could probably change a few times in the day, if not…

That is how Colorado feels right now. Weather mood swings;)

It’s as if there was summer, then two days of fall, and then a mix of winter and summer. Yesterday we got up and went out for donuts. Stepping out we could see all the mountain tops covered in snow, which was a delight. A delight!  A colored spectrum of trees with the white-capped mountains as the background. It is beautiful.

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