Trusted Friend

Day Twenty Six.

There are a lot of bunnies out here. This one is probably the one that lives closest to our apartment because we see it daily. If I spot it, I’ll tell Jemma, and we watch as it nibbles the grass. Today, she opened up her arms as if to give a hug, and then proceeded to climb the rock wall to come closer to it. My little girl is the sweetest. She just wants to say hi. The bunny hopped off of course and Peter and I giggled at her attempts to follow…


I appreciate Peter so much. He has taken care of so much and dealt with so many different people  regarding the house. And honestly, we are a bit shocked at some of the customer service around here in some of the businesses we’ve come across! But anyway, I love having him as my friend. Have you ever come across someone who starts to tell you about a situation and as you listen, you can start to tell that they are telling it to put themselves in better light…and you just can’t agree? Well, I love that when I talk to Peter or tell him anything, I don’t have to put up airs. I don’t have to showcase my ‘case’ or express myself to make myself look good in front of him. I can tell him exactly how I feel about a certain situation.

He is my trusted friend.

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