There Are No Coffee Stands

Day Thirty.

I follow my husband like a puppy when he comes home because I’ve missed him… That’s just how I am, from the beginning. 
There is nothing like a good food movie to make you want good food. To eat, to make… We like one movie called The Hundred-Foot Journey. It’s set in France so of course I’d like it! And it’s about foooooooood. And we like food. 
If anyone is looking for a place to open a business, I’d say there are a lot of opportunities here south of Denver. There are absolutely no drive through coffee shops, coffee stands, and with the coffee scene growing, I’m sure that will change in a few years. Even most Starbucks don’t have a drive through. I can understand that if most people like myself make their own coffee at home, but still, it is quite different when you don’t have a coffee stand every three blocks or so…

The weekend is upon us and it’s the end of October. And that means on to new things… 

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