Mother Nature Wears A Bridal Gown

Last night I had intended to post my first ‘official’ Christmas post, one of many to yet to come. But. There is always a but.

But I got too interested and emotional watching what was supposed to be just a background movie.

 Initially, I wanted to post the lyrics of a song I happened to come across. I turn on Pandora for Jemma and we go between  stations. She always requests music. Yesterday it was set to a kids Christmas station and Elvis Presley came on. I was a little surprised because it wasn’t really what most of the other songs were like but the lyrics and soothing sound got my attention! At the same time, I was texting with my husband, and he was telling me about a news post where a child crashed a car, killing another child. I really don’t like ‘news’ because so much of it is so sad and depressing. And it gets me emotional thinking about real lives of people who happen to have a tragedy and all whom it affects. He also told me how he went to get lunch that day, and a man who was working was carrying a baby in a carrier while working, and that too was a tear-jerker!

And so, a phrase from the song was appropriate even to what we were texting about. “Give thanks for all you’ve been blessed with…and hold your loved ones tight…”

Here are the lyrics from,

On A Snowy Christmas Night sung by Elvis Presley.

Midnight’s prayers so softly whispered in
A cathedral’s candle light
Bring the message of the holidays
On a snowy Christmas night

Holly reeds and hidden mistletoe
Symbols of the season’s might
Joyful faces everywhere you go
On a snowy Christmas night

Give thanks for all you’ve been blessed with
And hold your loved ones tight
For you know the Lord’s been good to you
On a snowy Christmas night

Mother Nature wears a bridal gown
For the world is dressed in white
There’s a silent glow that fills the earth
On a snowy Christmas night

Give thanks for all you’ve been blessed with
And hold your loved ones tight
For you know the Lord’s been good to you
On a snowy Christmas night

For you know the Lord’s been good to you
On a snowy Christmas night

I really like this song! It’s not just about snow or a snowman or Santa Claus. It’s a Christmas song for the heart.

Earlier yesterday, Peter told me we were going to have a snow storm that was to start in the middle of the night. My husband is good about checking the weather which is actually helpful for planning, whereas I never look at that information on my phone. And I don’t watch the daily news. So that got me excited, waiting on a midnight snow storm! I loved the beautiful phrase from the song, “Mother Nature wears a bridal gown,” because that is exactly how it looks like when the first fresh snow falls and while everything is still covered in white.

So of course when I awoke at night, I got up and peeked out to make sure it was snowing, which it was.

So back to the movie. Since snow was to be expected and Jemma was in bed, I wanted to turn on a Christmas movie to play in the background while I waited for Peter to come home. I turned on a sweet and sad movie about an orphan girl, actually orphans in general, and was surprised that the movie wasn’t one of those extremely cheesy productions. At least I ended up liking it, and watching and crying because I can’t stand the thought of children having no parents. Anything to do with children will get me emotional if it is upsetting.

If you need another Christmas movie to watch, it’s called Christmas Oranges.

So my evening was filled with a Christmas movie while looking through holiday catalogs, (my favorite!) browsing through the newest bon appetit, and looking through knitting items amongst other things…


This morning started out with french press coffee and the rest of a holiday chocolate bar, Theo cranberry and orange flavored, while watching the snow fall. Now that is my kind of morning! And actually, it was more like snow being blown about because it wasn’t gracefully falling down, it was blowing sideways and all.


I really like the sounds and exclamations Jemma chooses. She favors words like, “whoopsie, yaaaay, ooooh, okaaaay.” (they tend to be stretched out.) And these days, if I ask, “do you want ______ (whatever it may be),” she doesn’t say yes, she responds with “okay.”

“Jemma wants bread?” “Okay”

So when I tell her, “look how much snow is falling,” she’ll look out and respond with a long, “wo-ow.” Ah, my baby!

In our future neighborhood. We used to live by the beautiful Lake Washington in Renton. Now we will live by a reservoir. It is not a massive lake but it is a body of water and that is nice too.


Oh, how the snow made me happy. Just the other day we ordered a sled to pull Jemma on and I can’t wait for the day we bundle up and take her sledding!

Well, that’s all for tonight, until next time,


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