An Extention of Thanskgiving, Plus

This morning started out with me making a latte with our own machine and oh, how happy that made me. It’s the whole routine, the whole process and ritual in all that is so comforting. And the espresso drink with a little bite in the morning is all I need to start the day. Even my husband requested one, which I made “with heart.” 

Our thanksgiving was quite different this year because it was just the three of us as a little family. We didn’t go anywhere, join any family gathering, travel, and I didn’t even dress up or do my makeup. That is of course because the only thing that we hadn’t taken out of our apartment was my toiletries…And when I went to ‘dress up,’ I realized that I didn’t have any of it with us. We worked before and after and today…but the beautiful thing is, the most important people in my life were right with me! 

So, in addition to yesterday’s gratitude list:

  • I’m so thankful we got out of apartment before Thanksgiving, before the holidays! 

Today we came in like a storm and cleaned out our apartment so that we could hand in our keys and I said, “good riddance!” I’m so thankful we could just go in together and get it done real quick and for Jemma who has a swell imagination and can spend time alone without full attention! 

Those shallow things, well, honestly they are blessings because so many people do not have them or can not have. 

  • The use of our own washer and dryer! What a difference!
  • That we have things for other things and more…

For example: from the documentary about coffee I watched recently; some of the people who grow and pick our coffee live in some of the most primitive huts with ‘stoves’ we wouldn’t know how to ‘work’. And yet we have multiple coffee gadgets (which I appreciate) and all!  We don’t necessarily need any of it! 

  • The fact that we now have a bathtub in our master bath! 

Some people say, “Who takes bath nowadays anyway?” But that is because in America, we are used to everything done quick and quicker! Fast food, fast eating, quick shower…but a bath is what I would call your deep cleaning! It’s different than a quick scrub in the shower… And it’s healthy and helpful in so many ways… I know. 

(I have time to write this because I am taking a bath right now.) Being pregnant, picking up Jemma, being on my feet too long- especially with how much I want to get done in a day with the move, all ends up in sore and aching muscles. A bath allows one to pause. To relax a little.  And get clean;)

  • The little things my husband changes out in the house or whatever it may be…

Some people could buy a house and live in it as is. They wouldn’t even consider changing some of the things that come with a house. But I appreciate that my husband does. For efficiency, for utilization, for comfort, and for enjoyment. Take for example a simple shower head. There are people I assume that could have a shower head that sprays in all directions but the person itself and they would complain, or maybe not even that, and never think to change it. But I really like that Peter takes the time to change things out, mostly himself, to make it better for us. (Ours wasn’t that faulty, just a standard little shower head as most builder grade appliances are that houses come with.)

That’s just one example… There are many more but you get the point;)

  • For how God works in our lives. And for answering questions I might wonder about.

God moves us for specific reasons- all which we can not know completely. But I am thankful he does. That he directs my steps, even to this day!

 There are things that you might never get answers to in life, but God has been good to even answer and show me, some of the toughest  questions in life, and it’s beautiful! 

  • For laughter. 

With my husband, with my daughter… For giggles and jokes and fun. 

  • For sound affects and face animation. 

What can I say, it would be harder if there were none. We are all about expression. 

Anyway, my time is up so a little about Christmas and the holidays in  the next post!

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