Tree Picking, Christmas Time, and Jingle


This Sunday started out with Peter leaving really early to go on his first snowboarding trip in this area. I was pretty excited for him and glad his coworker invited him since it’s not likely I’ll be up in the mountains in the near future to learn to ski or snowboard! I made my daily latte and Jemma picked her book of the day. (Photos below) I really enjoy watching her lay out the books and then think which one she wants to pick, with a little smile on her face, and then listen to the exclamations as she opens and sees what’s on the cover. Then we read her book and got ready for church.


But let me go back a week ago to last weekend. We had wanted to go to a tree farm to cut down a tree and maybe take a few photos. After reading about trees and farms here in this area I learned that it’s quite different and not that easy to just go to a farm. Some of the farms I looked up were closed this Christmas season. With disease or not fast enough growth, some farms didn’t have trees. Humidity or lack of it, affects the type, how much trees grow, and where… We also looked at getting a permit and cutting a tree in the forest but then ended up just going to a farm that was open. The only problem was that after driving up north for an hour and coming to this farm, it looked like a sickly  tree farm where trees were deformed and weeds growing at the roots, with the only blue spruces growing being the only decent looking trees, not even being for sale! 


That Saturday morning’s book she opened was Little Tree Found and I couldn’t read it without crying. Jemma in this photo above is all joy! With book in hand and her first time facing front in the car seat, she was so happy to go get our “yelka” (tree). We ended up returning to our area without cutting our own tree and going to the first nursery we happened to visit here in Aurora awhile back ! It was way more festive and beautiful, all decorated for the Christmas season! So no blue spruce, and no cutting our own tree this year but we got a nice large noble fir and it looks great! 



As we drove home that day last weekend, Jemma would ask for “Jingle,” which is the song Jingle Bells, and as we’d sing with it she would too. Working so hard to sing, in a funny monotone way, but trying to say the words! I was surprised! And all week long she’d  ask for jingle and just go running around the ottoman as soon as it’d start, singing along! Towards the end of the week, she was saying words to Let It Snow and We Wish You A Merry Christmas! Just the other day, The Twelve Days of Christmas turned on and she went for her book, recognizing she had that song in book form! 

So now, she does her ballet moves to Jingle Bells as we jingle her little bell toy and sing together. It’s precious. 

She asks to watch ballet, The Nutcracker in video form and to play about baby Jesus on the piano. 

We’ve made a nativity scene out of stickers and decorated a tree with more stickers. 

She helped thread ribbon into some unbreakable ornaments! She watched me and decided she wanted to do it too! 

It was so cute to watch her run around the tree as the music played and I put the lights up! And she’d bring ornament over as I’d decorate, choosing the same colored balls. 

We’ve been reading her books and listening to vinyls of Christmas music by Lewis Ramsey, Dave Brubeck, and Diana Krall as well as music on Pandora stations. 


She climbed up all on her own, “played” jingle bells and sang! 


Her “cacker.” She kissed the one on the piano music book. Requested it at nap time along with a book, and notices it anywhere she sees it, like a poster for the ballet on a business door, pointing out, “cacker!”



I like that most of our ornaments on our tree are from our travels. ^



Something I really like that our church does! They participate in the giving tree! I remember as a child, having people come with gifts, or going to get free toys and that was such an awaited time! I know that it’s not about gifts, but as a kid, it was something special! I still remember the little candy book and have the book, The Polar Express with all our names written in Russian, given to us kids by our neighbor. 


So this past Saturday, we wanted to do our annual family photo but the falling snow was too wet and blustery for photos. We ended up not doing the photos once again. 


Jemma decorating her tree, which she lost interest in because there were so many other distractions. A puzzle to do, books, and daddy’s big light for his camera! 


Waiting for daddy to make a “SNOWMAAN!!” 


Today, it’s a windy snowfall and I enjoy it from inside our home. With no need to go anywhere, it doesn’t matter how many inches it is- it’s pretty and I like it. I’m glad I don’t have to spend any time in any stores or malls! And the tree is so much more sparkling and prettier in real life… 

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