List Of Christmas Books (For A Two Year Old) 

 Jemma has one more book to unwrap tomorrow morning before we are done with “a book a day until Christmas.” I chose some books for the meaning and the story, some for the art and illustration and absolutely adorable pictures, and some because they had a pop up or lights or intertwined with something she knew or had and would recognize! Like little woodland creatures and animals. Some of them are about the season of winter and snow and some are about Christmas, while the rest are a bit more meaningful or about Jesus. Most of the books are easy for her and are age appropriate (she is 22 months) and a few were longer that I knew the story and retold or talked about the pictures and shortened as we went along… 

Here is the list of books Jemma opened each day and we read throughout this month of December:

  • The Snowman- a “silent” book, one without words! Just filled with pictures of a boy who made a snowman and their adventure! Jemma was sad that in the end he had melted:( But ever since, it’s been, “SNOWMAAN!!” It happened to be the first one she opened too!
  • A Very Merry Christmas Prayer- This one is really adorable with woodsy animals and pretty, pretty pictures but also is a good way of letting a child know to thank God. “Thank You, God for strings of light, So twinkling and bright, Just like the star that led wise men On that special night.”
  • Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree – an adorable story of how a huge tree gets its top trimmed ’till the little mice get the last tip of it! 
  • Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect – I got this one because it is special to me. It is a little too  advanced for a little one so I just rephrased and talked about the pictures for Jemma, but for myself, it has a special place in my heart and a dear memory of when God worked in my life! I first heard it when it was read to a group of leaders and balled my eyes out at that point! 
  • The Night Before Christmas, by Clement C Moore illustrated by Christian Birmingham version. The poetic story had Jemma asking for it to be read again and again. Just a classic!
  • Little Blue Truck’s Christmas – Jemma has the first Little blue truck sweet story and this one has bright illustrations and is very festive along with counting and light up tree in the end which is always fun. (Even I like it!)
  • Little Tree Found – from the B&H publishers, which I like because they have a parent connection at the end of questions. This book got me teary eyed and was opened on the day we first attempted to go cut a tree:) A story that parallels the true meaning of Christmas and the gift of salvation.
  • God Gave Us Christmas – she has God Gave Us You and loves to flip the book to the back to see which one she has and look at the other titles. 
  • Song Of The Stars – cute paintings by Alison Jay, a story of how the whole world awaits and sings that the child has come. 
  • Is It Christmas Yet – bright and fun story of a little bear waiting for Christmas! Jemma gets upset every time we come to where the baby bear cries about the broken tree:( 
  • Little Golden Book Christmas Stories – a variety of nine stories in one book and Jemma goes to the back page and tells me to find  the “baby Jesus”story in the book!  
  • The Wonderful Gifts of Winter – I love that there are verses from the bible at the bottom of each page.  “For He says to the snow, “Fall to the earth.”” From Job 37:6  Another B&H book.
  • The Mitten – Jemma’s favorite book last year that we read all year long!  Before we would get to the page where the bear would sneeze she’d “achooo” and laugh, remembering the story before we even finished. She loved the illustrations on the sides. 
  • Snow – minimal words, and easy! We like how the city goes from gray to white! Jemma likes the line of city people walking on the back of the book;)
  • Three Snow Bears – another Jan Brett book. A winter variation of Goldilocks.
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas – another Alison Jay ( paintings look like cracked old art.) Jemma asks for this one and “sings” along. A song in book form! And a good one for counting. 
  • The Message of The Birds – “Let there be peace. Peace on Earth!”
  • Holly and Ivy – another longer, advanced story that I talk about pictures and retell. A story about an orphan, a childless couple, and a doll.
  • Apple Tree Christmas- about a family who live in a barn and encounter an ice storm that destroys their beloved apple tree…
  • A Wish To Be a Christmas Tree – too old to be a Christmas tree, a tree gets reminded how he is a gift to the forest animals everyday.
  • You Are My Merry – “You’re my love and my joy, a gift I’ll always carry.”
  • Bear’s Very Snowy Day – with a pop up at the end of all the animals on a sled! 
  • Tallulah’s Nutcracker – Jemma loves being a ballerina so this was fun when she opened since it was right after she watched the ballet, The Nutcracker. 
  • The Spirit of Christmas 

We also have The Polar Express which we watched the movie as a family- Jemma’s  first full movie! 

And I love the book, The Three Trees, which we’ve been reading throughout the year. 

Jemma also likes her book from last year, A Christmas Carol, a BabyLit board book for colors, where she points out the little hidden mouse on each page! 

 It’s been so fun singing carols with Jemma, watching her dance ballet, and hear her exclamations when she recognizes things in books, like snow angels! (Daddy taught her;)) Snowmen, santa, sleigh, jingle, ballet, ballerinas, and one oh her favorites, baby Jesus! She picks the song Away in a Manger because baby Jesus is in the picture! 

 These shakers are even cuter since we have snow here in Colorado! 


Because Jemma and ballerinas and we’re  girls! 


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