It Has Been Awhile

Recently, I had a young lady and her young child over for coffee on a Thursday morning (her young child had no coffee, don’t worry), where during that time I had shared with her how Peter and I met and got together. It reminded me of something beautiful and precious and that night I looked through my cell phone photos from the year we reconnected and married. 

Thursday nights are my nights, meaning after Jemma finally falls asleep, Peter takes Bella and I can have some “me” time to do what I need without worrying about “interruptions.” I took a bath and thought about our little love story… I wanted to share a piece of that story that night and blog but after when I went and looked through the photos it got too late and I ended up not writing. So that will be coming up, one of these nights where I’m rocking Bella to sleep late at night, since she knows exactly if we’re even about to put her down and cries out a complain;) 

Portland. 2012 From a trip my sister and I did, down the coast to California and back up to visit Peter.

I don’t know about other women, but while pregnant and while nursing, I get flashbacks of memories, particularly moments from our travels and of places. So I decided I should write little memoirs. Little tidbits from the things that come to mind and more… First off, a recap of our latest happenings all the way back to Christmas! What is going on currently, and then I wanted to share some photos- older ones from the last years… Time flies and we forget so much, so many wonderful moments. 

It’s been a quiet hour or so. Peter took Jemma to our church life group and I ended up staying with Bella. It’s quite unreal to have as much snow as we have outside in the middle of April but I’m not too surprised. Just earlier this week, I was starting my tan, coming outside with Jemma to play on the swing set. And I’m sure we will just pick right off where we left, in no time. That is Colorado. 

She goes to her “park” weather it’s sunny or snowy outside. 

Bella is waking and my phone battery is about to die, so on to other things. 


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