Recently, I had put a large sheet over two chairs and a couch and Jemma just loved running in and out of it!  So I saw a Pin on Pinterest for a little diy kids tent and Peter and I made one for Jemma! She referred to our first fort/house and to the second, as “cave” which she relates to Jesus and him being in a cave (which is really a stable.) 

It was fairly simple and it folds away, can be moved around, or can be taken out into the yard! When Peter went to get the wood, he also went to Joann’s and picked out a very fitting material. I thought that was just the cutest. I hung up some fairy lights and even a little IKEA mini lantern we had, for a “chandelier.” A fancy word for a lamp;) Jemma loved the idea! I also made a matching pillow that Jemma decided she wanted to sleep with the first night. She approved;) 

When Jemma saw the photo above, last night, she said, “papa v tent, Jemma v tent. Es cute.” (Papa in tent, Jemma in tent. It’s cute.)

Jemma loves to take Bella’s hand as if to hold it. She always runs up and lays next to her, kissing her forehead and saying, “hi!” The other morning, I was still half asleep as I heard Jemma run up to our bed and say, “I love you.” To Bella.

It works great with the blanket my mom made for me years ago. 

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