A reminder to myself, first and formost. Posting a thought from my cell phone notes.

I would hate to be a slave to beauty putting on as much makeup as the girl next to me even I don’t like it or if it’s not what I normally do.
I’d hate to be a slave to fashion – wearing things because that is what the girls I hang out with, wear. 

I’d hate to be a slave to social media- buying furniture and making my house look a specific way and taking images just so that my page can look like the most liked profiles. Living for my “feed”. 
I’d hate to lose my own taste and style for the sake to be accepted. 


I say be inspired but just do your own thing! 

I can appreciate beautiful things but it doesn’t mean I need or want them. Take for instance puppies and kittens. How cute and adorable are they?! In other people’s homes and images. It doesn’t mean I want one or the other. Same thing for houses, furniture, clothing, “toys,” jobs, and such… It’s one thing to appreciate and aknowledge something of beauty, and another to lust after or “toil” to attain…

Well, I don’t want to be anyone but myself…I’m quite content to be Anne of Green Gables, with my string of pearl beads…”

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