A Year In Colorado 

Here’s a little look through the past year, since our move to Colorado.

Our last outing to Seattle when we were still in Washington. One of the things we both really enjoyed about where we lived was all that water surrounding us. Just two exits from ours, I could get off the freeway and drive along a scenic road along side the huge Lake Washington. We came in September and it was at the end of summer when everything was dry and yellow. So of course, when we first arrived, we were in a full blown comparison stage.

That stage soon wore off.

When you see something as your own, you see it differently. I now understand why people would love their state of Colorado. To me, where I am is home. I don’t think ahead as if I won’t be here in a few years and make plans in account of that. I don’t know where we will be, because how can we?! We make our house as our home. We settle in and if taken out of it, so be it. Would I have ever thought I’d live here over a year ago? No, because I didn’t really even think of Colorado at all and still have to look at the map to see where we really are in relation to other states. Yup. 

I really like where we are at. The mountains around us. The beautiful sky that is always so near. The thunder and lighting almost each evening. And the cool nights after a hot day. Our house serves our needs as a growing family. And all in all we are blessed. God takes care of us and all the little details. 

We have found a church with the things we have longed for. It’s not the church we have been going to for the past few months, but we’ve met with a pastor and are becoming members of it. To think this will be the first church we will actually be official “members” since we’ve been married. 


The photo below was taken on a walk in an old historical neighborhood of Denver. We would open an app that would show the houses for sale in the area and “look inside” for fun. This was when we were still in our temporary apartment and looking for “the house.” The appeal of the tree lined, divided lanes and houses full of character can make anyone daydream.

When we happened to stop at a nursery and market on a Sunday after a visit to the first church we visited. This nursery is now one of two of my favorites. 

Our first Mountain trip. Mt. Evans.

I turned 31! Peter had made a reservation at Bistro Vendome in Larimer Square. Our dinner was so yummy and as you can see, even Jemma’s mac and cheese looked pretty fancy in a copper pot.

Walks on the trail by our apartment.

A drive through the mountains for Fall colors. 

We celebrated our third year of marriage in October.

 My first pregnancy, we bought a house and moved from the apartment we lived in. This second pregnancy, we sold and bought a house and moved to another state. I’m hoping that’s not the case next time.

Our new “neighborhood.” 

We made it into our house for Thanksgiving. And it was sure a blessing. With the house still a mess, we cleared just enough to make a dinner. 
We wrapped even the tiniest things separately just for the fun of it. Christmas was pretty magical. The prettiest snowflakes fell outside our open windows and we just had a good time, just the three of us. Peter’s coworker invited us for dinner so we had Christmas dinner with him and his wife.
Probably her most utilized toy ever. Bringing daddy tea.

Nothing like catching snowflakes for a little child. 

Jemma was so sick on her second birthday. I had made a cake and she blew out her candles. These days she still talks about cake and candles and parties, and how she’s going to dance with grandma. (My mom gave her a little spin for the fun of it when she visited.)

I cherished the last days of her being our only child. I was even sad in a way. We’d cuddle in bed and just read her books. I’d let her listen to her favorite Pandora stations, and take naps together. There were days where it was just impossible for me to do anything at all so that’s what we’d do.

For Valentine’s Day,  Peter made an impressive dinner. He used a recipe from the then current issue of Bon Appetit and as always, it was sweet to watch him prepare and cook.

My sister Svetlana came before the due date, quite earlier, to make sure we would have someone to take care of Jemma. I ended up being sick the entire time and she cooked and cleaned and took care of us. But Bella did not arrive. Then my sister Inna switched her place and two days before she left, we had our second precious daughter!

Due date. February 27. We drove out to Roxborough Park. 

Evergreen Colorado

When baby Isabella came and changed our world. Three days old.

one week

Jemma would bring me tea and treats in bed;)

This much snow in April. We didn’t mind. It melts off so fast with the sun here. 

The color of these rocks!

I used one of my birthday presents from Peter to make his 35th birthday cake, as requested.

There’s a story to her hair. In hairdressing, we say, short hair pushes long. Well, her hair as of right now is a true example of that. With a move from one home to an apartment then to another house and the arrival of a new baby, Jemma was stressed and distraught. She started losing so much of her fine, baby hair so I cut it off. And now that so much new little hairs are coming in, they make everything stick straight out! Thus her look.

In June, my parents came to visit. They drove with their RV trailer all the way here and back. At the same time, my two younger brothers flew down as well. 

We try to drive out to different places once in awhile. Peter reminded me that we don’t have to do everything in a year. And he’s right! 

We have lots of ideas and desires of what to do where to go and what to make. It just takes time. And we’re in a different stage of life for now so we do things differently because we have little babies. 

Currently. We had a somewhat staycation. Peter took time off and we bought Sveta a ticket for her to come be nanny. So she cooked for us and helped with the girls as much as she could. I’m sure she was surprised that it was not the same as when it was her and Jemma last time. Jemma is a different person now. She is a big sister and an older girl, even if it has been only five months.

We watched the latest Bourne movie. It was so nice to sit reclined in the eat in theatre and not once run up to either of the girls- or fall asleep before the end of it!

Even a trip to Costco on our own was pretty nice. 

Jemma has had the hardest time these last five months but it’s nice to know she’s growing and learning and that everything passes. Bella is the easiest baby ever – and I thought Jemma was easy!

Anyway, I hope to stay a little more current this second year around.


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