Birthday 32

If I desire to please, to impress, may it only be to please and impress you.

May you get my best and not what’s left.

How many times we as people can smile to the stranger, laugh with an acquaintance, and hold our tongue with another, but at the end of a day, leave the cranky and impolite, our worst, to our loved ones?

Before I run out and want to serve another, let me serve you first.

I love you dearest Peter, mon tresor. I am the happiest that it is you who I celebrate my birthdays with…

My birthday weekend was filled with: my favorite kind of dinner (favorite cheese, delectable crackers, salami, strawberries, etc…) macarons, éclairs, and pastries. And we really liked the Chantilly cake from whole foods as my birthday cake! And what can I say, I couldn’t stop looking at the flowers- they are gorgeous. 

A little here, a little there and it turned out to be a nice weekend. Movies, a drive to reservoir nearby, and of course, not to forget, a dose of all things to do with babies.

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