Books Galore

I meant to get to this a little earlier but then got into painting some little furniture and now I am writing this with one hand on the phone! It’s almost midnight so I’ll keep this short…

  Last year I posted a list of books that we read with Jemma during the month of December. We wrapped a book for each day. She would choose one, unwrap, and we’d read it. Well, we never stopped reading all those Christmas and winter books all year long, so this year we didn’t wrap them as surprises. We did add a few to the already existing ones. Now that Bella has joined us, some of the additions are still board books and light reads. And like last year, some have a good story and some are just cute and have pretty illustrations. Here are a few additions minus the ones going into a gift box for the girls. (If there is one thing that we do buy more frequently for kids, it’s books. )

•A Charlie Brown Christmas-Charles M Schulz 

•Christmas in the Barn -Margaret Wise Brown

•Christmas in Noisy Village -Astrid Lindgren and Ilon Wikland

•Gingerbread Baby -Jan Brett

•The Hat -Jan Brett

•Room for a Little One -Martin Waddell, Jason Cockcroft 

•Who Is Coming To Our House -Joseph Slate, Ashley Wolff

•The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving -Jan and Mike Berenstain 

 •The Littlest Christmas Tree -R.A. Herman 

•The Christmas Baby -Marion Dane Bauer 

I really like this one!         —>The Little Gift of Nothing -Patrick McDonnell

•Duck & Goose It’s time for Christmas -Tad Hills

•Olivia helps with Christmas -Ian Falconer

•Madeline’s Christmas Ludwig Bemelmans

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