Merry Merry Christmas 

 Christmas Eve, after service and putting the girls to sleep, Peter and I made a salad (shuba) we both like , together, for today’s little Christmas meal. It’s doing something we love (food) with someone we love (each other), that makes me smile. 

I fell asleep to the Peanuts movie, next to Peter… the snowy pictures made me want snow even more so but we didn’t get a white Christmas this year! 

“Can you read these?” “I’m not done eating yet..” I tell her. “Ok, I will read for a few minutes.” And she does before we all go upstairs and take a much needed nap. Of course Jemma came out of her room but fell asleep between us on our bed, and as soon as she did, Bella woke up, so no nap for me. We all got up at the same time this morning, so it was a long day and Jemma was overwhelmed with everything of the past few days. After church service today. 

After opening the package of books for the two of them, there was no need for anything  after. Next year, a crate of books will do;) Waiting for us… Peter made us coffee and then they opened their presents. 

Christmas Eve.So happy to have him with us since Friday! The final day of the advent calendar there was the rest of the Playdoh set… a few pieces throughout the month mixed in with the rest. 

She knows that the little petit four goes on the plate…she got a sneak peek at the books before Christmas while Jemma and daddy were out… My little tradition for Peter each year is Christmas boxers. They have to have Christmas/winter designs on them and it’s a guaranteed gift he gets!The beloved Nutcracker! Today was so cute as she played the mouse and Peter was a soldier marching around, and I was Clara at one point where the prince put the slipper back on my foot. She kept saying, “Can I put on your slipper?” 

And now, at the end as Peter is finishing up a cake he baked, and I listent to Bella’s breathing as she sleeps, I can’t think but how long we wait for this day and it’s gone just like that. Good thing it’s a year round thing, about baby Jesus, in this house- we won’t forget the real reason for Christmas so fast…

There’s a few thoughts that keep floating in my head so I’ll be back soon…


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