Today, it snowed. (What an interesting topic eh?;)) It hardly snowed all winter here, so it was actually nice to be in a snowglobe, even if for a bit. 

But it’s not exactly about the snow. For me it was fun to see Jemma’s observation as she ran to the front door and looked outside, telling me, “It’s snowing like salt, mommy…like flour, like sugar, to make a cake for me. That’s funny…Like salt falling down into a bowl…” 

I do love the snow though- it reminds me of the passage from Job, 38:22 Have you entered the storehouses of the snow…

Storehouses of snow. Imagine. 

I love watching my kids. It’s like learning them and it helps me understand and know how to go about certain situations. How they cope, how they problem solve, how they overcome, how they figure out… It feels like I understand my kids quite easily. 

My children are really no different than others. They have the same milestones, they scream bloody murder aka have tantrums, they say the cutest things… but the difference is, my children -I see daily. I get to see most every little detail as they change and go from stage to stage. So when I talk about my kids, it’s not that I think they are better or smarter or cuter. Not at all. I just can’t help but be in awe of all the things they do- minus the occasional screaming, although that is quite a sight in itself! 

We’ve been working on not smacking the mouth when eating so I show Jemma an example and we proceed to keep eating. And in a few moments, she looks at me and says, “mommy, you’re not being a good example.” Because I must have been smacking my mouth. And that’s coming from a three year old. 

I’ve  always loved my jobs and I love what I do now. I don’t just have to do it, I want to do it, and I enjoy it. But boy oh boy, all that weight of responsibility of being an example sometimes weighs me down. I just need to remind myself over and over- it’s not all on me. I do have Jesus. 

It all comes down to Jesus. All that He has done. All that He is doing. All that He will do. 

Because even if I fail, and I can think of moments I’ve “failed,” God will still do His work. 

I remember the first time these two played tag. Her first little friend in Aurora. So sweet. 

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