Dear Isabella…

My dear little baby Bella,

It took me a few pushes and you were out, making the birth team ooh and exclaim at your size. I remember getting a glimpse of a limb, and then seeing how dark you were. And purple. You were just dark and purple altogether! 

I loved when you “shed” all the dry skin off and that soft, velvety baby skin emerged. And when your  dark, long eyelashes unglued from under your eyelids, resting against your skin. 

I remember the first time you gave a huge, real grin. Your determination at reaching the toy above you- you just didn’t give up! Your first climb up the staircase. Your first fall (how aweful!) 

And now, you are just a cuddle bear. Those little hands around our necks, that rolling up against us, or just cuddling after you wake. Daddy and I both can’t get enough, wishing we could bottle it up and save it. You love to crawl through small spaces, “escape” up the stairs, play tag, and “hide” in the corner behind the big red chair. 

I like how you hum, how you walk holding a book, how you slouch into seats, lounging, instead of sitting. I like how you go show daddy something with the proudest little face and biggest grin. How you greet daddy with so much excitement, or wait at the window. “Dad-dy!”

You like to turn pages in books, especially if they are not board books. You can go bring something or fetch something and remember where you left it. You love to dress, and try to put on things, over your head and around the neck. When I call you to come dress, you walk up to me and do a turn to flop down with your back to me, into my lap. 

And, I’ve never seen a baby actually run, until I saw you running! It’s quite a sight! 

You follow Jemma everywhere, you kiss her, and love to play with her, and you really like taking over her bed. “Time for bed,” and you go to her room and climb into her bed! 

But the best are your kisses. That is my favorite. So we kiss a lot! 

Today you turned one. What a joy you are to us, a gift from God. Your strength, determination, and playfulness are fun to watch. You don’t miss a thing, and pick up on everything so quick. 

It was so fun to see my baby, babying her own baby. You walked with that doll all over the house all day long! 

Happy birthday my baby girl. I love you so! 

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