Time Restored

From my notes, from October 24, 2016

A word may be plain, it can be impressive, even fascinating. But put words together in a specific way, speak them with a certain passion and love, and those words become not just words but a brilliant message. They become life. Inspiring. Encouraging. Loving. I love words. 
Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted time, years? Maybe just days? 

He restores the lost time! Good words to listen to, called, Come What May



In the three years I’ve been a mommy, this last year has taught me the most- that when it comes down to the hard moments, it has almost nothing to do with my children, but almost everything to do with me. How I react makes all the difference! So when people say, “oh I know, these are hard days with little kids,” I think, it’s not the lack of sleep, or dealing with a tantrum, or coping with long days that is hard. (Any job, you come home and you’re tired! Might be a different type of tired but you are tired.) Being a parent means there are specific things that you do. Kind of like a job description. Like any other job. So to me, it’s not hard to miss some sort of event because I am to do my job description, like put my child to sleep for example. It is not hard for me to say, I can’t do this and that because I have “responsibilities.” 

It is not turning into a toddler myself that is hard;) Meaning, all that comes with the job that stands for being what I believe a parent should be. Not the changing diapers, not the picking up an object for the hundredth time… but representing Christ in all my actions. Constantly being aware, constantly remembering… they are listening, they are watching, they are absorbing and mimicking. They are being shaped. 

That, this year proved to be work. But how good God is, at every turn. Knowing God’s attributes, helps me parent. Because our God is a good father, and he is the best example of parenting I could possibly have! And He reminds. At every turn He reminds…

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