Waggle Dance

It all started when we went for a walk and stood under a blooming, pink tree full of buzzing bees. The hum. It was beautiful . Jemma keeps reminding me of that tree and how we stood and listened and daddy got her flowers. She put them in her little pitcher on her kitchen and when I saw, I realized there was no water, so I had a chance to show her how flowers need water, and how after being in water, they livened up from their wilting state. 

We then listened to the Flight of the Bumblebee. Then again and again with different instruments playing: the cello, the violin and piano, the flute…some of the videos on YouTube, I actually show her so she sees the hands and how much work it is… she says when she grows up she’ll play the piano and the cello.😜 Now that’s music to my ears! 

(When we listen to classical music, she points out what instrument is playing or I’ll ask her myself, or tell her about it.) 
Then, there’s the flower, pollen, and nectar: the parts of flowers such as the leaf, stem, bud, roots… simple and just things that we look at through their books and talk about. 
After reading books, old and new, about Spring, bees, honey, picnics, and gardens, she draws, like what Theo and Poppa drew in her book, The Imaginary Garden, for example. 

And since it’s all about Spring and bees, there’s Honeysticks crayons made out of beeswax which smell so yummy, have no paper around them, and are perfect chunky crayons for baby and toddler hands! 

We talk about the wax, and what is made with it. About the queen and the swarm, about the other insects, like the little ant farm in the current magazine, and when we saw one when we went on a nature walk and at the butterfly pavilion. She witnessed a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis (not a cacoon!) and watched as they flew around her.

We saw a hornets nest in a little kids learning corner and also visited a historical working farm where she got to see a beehive! Peter went into the orchard with Jemma and snapped a few pics. 

Then there’s the shape of the honeycomb, the hexagon shape. 
The cutest is when she explains and shows things herself; like how long the bee tongue is. Today after daddy came home and I told him we learned about the Waggle dance, she showed him!  Her little toddler body showing the bee dance to her prince as she calls Peter! (“Your prince, ” she tell me.) (The video link is about 2 minutes and I found fascinating since I didn’t actually know how they talked through their dance! I learn too!!) 
I’m pretty excited for Spring, for more warm, sunny days. To look through the magnifying glass at little things, to collect flowers and leaves and sticks. (Bella has to stop and pick up a rock, or a branch or pick a dandelion!) To go the Saturday markets in our neighborhood…

Jemma wants to feed ducks but then again, she wants to do many, many things… and always says, “When I grow older…”
So from a tree filled with flowers and bees, comes a whole world of things to learn in so many categories and in so many ways we always tie it all to her books. It is so easy to reference to a book, and relate, and then see in real life or do something ourselves. 

There’s nature and science, music and art, fun activities, short videos, and books of course! And it’s all fun and not forced at all! I say Jemma a lot in this post but that doesn’t exclude Bella in this process at all! That would have to be in a different post. 

Spotting bees and honeycombs in all  our books. 

“I like to go to the mountains, to the playgrounds, and to IKEA…” -Jemma, earlier this month as she crawled into our bed in the early morning.

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