A Little Reminder

I love how God reminds… that He is there waiting. That it’s not people who “want” to help, an ear that can “relate”, or another article that will tell you exactly what you need and “how to.” 

Nothing against people, people, but there are a lot of times when these people look through things with their perception and through their own experiences and thus distort what they hear or see. One person can think, ‘well if I react to my child this way, I’m sure that’s how she does too.’ Without really knowing how you actually react, right? Unless you specifically tell that person. 

So the angry person thinks you’re angry, the passive person might think you’re passive, the underachiever thinks you’re doing too much, and the overachiever thinks you’re not doing enough. People assume and jump to conclusions. Too many times, you’ll see people wanting to help without asking how they may actually help, sometimes without even knowing the person they “want to help.” It’s kind of silly! (And I’m not excluded  btw.) Etc etc…

But God? Oh you don’t have to ‘explain’ anything to Him because he understands more than you do at any given moment, even if you think you get it. 
It’s Him. He knows exactly what’s going on and why. And He is waiting, for when you come to Him first. 

Last week I needed a reminder. And God reminded me, just like I want the best for my precious children, He wants the best for his child, me! And the best thing for me is Him. 

And I know that to be true. 

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