“Building A Birthday Cake.”

I celebrate life. Life is just precious and such a gift of God. And year after year, how I celebrate my own God given year, has changed more and more. 

When I think of a young person my age, who I once knew and who passed away recently, I think, ‘who says we are going to live to 50 or to 90 or any other age?’ It doesn’t matter what we contribute to society, or how talented (or not) we are, weather we are the kindest soul or a mean callous one, what position we hold, and what we earn. In the end God gives, and God takes away. Life on earth ends at one point or another. And there is a purpose and a reason for a life cut short as we would say. It doesn’t make it less sad, but I know, there is always a bigger picture for all that happens! 

Sometimes my biggest desire is to proclaim How God has worked in my own life. Because every year He has changed me, opened up something more, taught me and in ways you would never think. (And a big side note: it is quite the opposite of being misinterpreted and taken for a lonely person with no one to talk to. Someone alone in search of some friend or ‘a counselor.’ Because boy oh boy when someone takes something they misunderstood, misinterpreted and then passes it along, it becomes misconstrued and misleads others into thinking something that is far from the truth! And for me to be thought of as bored, lonely, no one to talk to- would be a joke;))

The other day we were at a little park and I overheard passing by people talk. I only heard just a phrase about how someone was “a third child but behaves like…” It makes me think, for someone who likes to know and understand the root of things and all this personality and character stuff, I could easily say, “I’m this and I fall under this personality type…” and yes, sometimes it gives a way to name something to explain a behavior or why I function a certain way, but ultimately I am a Christian. And that means I could be this and that but over the years God has been working on me, changing me and my ways. We all can say, “I was just born like this,” to make an excuse of our behavior. And so the label of third child or any personality type can not fully define me.

There’s a song I like that we sang recently at church. A simple one with not too many a word, but so sweet: 

Change my heart oh God

Make it ever true

Change my heart oh God

May I be like You

You are the potter

I am the clay

 Mold me and make me

This is what I pray

For those who have a craft or work with their hands, they could understand. How you can shape and create something. See the results. And how even in small daily little things, God does that. For some it takes a lifetime. For some it can be so drastic! 

So back to what God has done in my life over the years. Many a story involves talking about people and to me the point of sharing what God has done is not about “talking about someone” but exactly that- what God has done! It’s not about the people that have come into play at all. And so many of the most amazing ways God has transformed me do not get spoken of. 

This year, God has said cherish! I don’t need to understand why or question it. So I cherish! 

Let me tell you, in just my 33 years, I know when a door is closed and sometimes slammed shut;) So for those who say, “God said, ha!” and scoff, or would say, “too much God did this or God said this,” I say, yes it’s all about God and what Jesus has done! The fact that we are standing or sitting wherever we are is because of God. 

It doesn’t matter what the current surrounding culture is doing, what “society wants me to do”. (Have you ever been in a situation where someone plans things and decides what you are going to be doing only to realize, you are not part of that plan because God himself has other plans for you?! They are not in a “fight” with you but with God!) 

So I do what I need to do because I know what he has me to do for the time being. It doesn’t matter if people don’t understand. Not everyone will understand. And they don’t even have to…

When we say God knows what we need. Well God has shown me that he knows me oh so much better and gives me what I need and want without knowing. He was there three years ago, he was there last December, he was there in May, and he’s already there in January. He has shown me how he IS  in control and oh so sovereign. 

His timing is impeccable. There is always so much more that what we think our situation is about. He is working on so much more at any one given moment. And I know that. And to see it is almost overwhelming but it makes my own trust stronger! As we read with Peter recently, from The Songs of Jesus by Timothy Keller: “…And if we maintain fellowship with God over the years, there is a kind of “freshness” that can come with increasing age. It is not the naïveté of perpetual spiritual adolescence. It is the vigor that grows only out of years of trusting God in prayer, coupled with the wisdom that comes from a treasure chest of rich memories, both sorrowful and sweet.” (It’s the August 18th page that is sweet to read on a day of becoming older actually;)) 

And the biggest reiterated one of all is, people are just people. Human. More grace. Grace, grace, grace. They need it. I need it. We need to give and receive. 

And because this is a public space, the most beautiful little details are all in my heart. 

So on to another year – and to whatever it may hold!


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