Matryoshka & Balalaika


Luca is already four months old! I’ve been absolutely absorbing everything baby. The way he clasps his hands, studies his feet, rolls up to me and falls asleep. How he “sings” (chants) himself to sleep. The bashful smile, the big grin, the laugh! He literally laughs and plays with his sisters! He wants to sit with us at the table, needs to see what’s going on at all times. The way he can’t help but start “talking” and responding when I sing to him, even if he’s nursing. And the kisses. He asks for them. And we all love to kiss him!

I have so many things I’m grateful for and I hope not to forget. I’ve never had a prompted journal before so it’s kind of fun. A Life of Gratitude.


Get back to our weekly little “date night in” or so with my husband. We used to do a weekly little chat and it would help me more than anything, not to feel like days and weeks just roll over each other, like a tumble weed in the wind!

We are always talking. Over the kids, about the kids, about life, plans, dreams…But just like any date night, it’s a bit different…When we take a pause to be still. Where we look over our past week, our upcoming week, look over what’s going on in each other’s hearts and minds, pray together, and talk over things. We don’t get to have a real date night these days so this would suffice. (I’m a huge fan of “communication” but that’s another post altogether;))

Favorites (I have lots but here’s a few current ones):

I made a bold move (for me) and purchased a fragrance online I never smelled or tried before. I looked up the notes of my favorite perfume and then searched for one with similar ones. And I am very happy to say I am quite pleased. Also, Peter surprised me a with a subscription to Magnolia Journal!

The Ranunculus in our house Peter sent me! They are gorgeous. My Mother’s Day flowers.

This tea!Peter and I are huge rooibos tea fans. So when we were in Spokane, my sister had this tea and I really liked the flavor. I asked her where she got it. So then she called Huckleberries where she purchased it, and they told her where. And it’s from MarketSpice at Pike Place in Seattle! So now we just order it in bulk because that’s our main tea we drink.

The snack of all snacks! Plain Greek yogurt, honey, raspberries, and granola.

Fun kid stuff: (I like to tie in music, books, activities, and toys together and think “purposeful.”)

I discovered Letters from Afar last month on Instagram and think it’s pretty neat!

I was so happy when I found a decent printers tray, at a shoppe I like to go to for ideas. For their collections. Like the acorns from Riverfront Park in Spokane and the leaves from the Spokane arboretum…This book.

And this activity book because “Russian!” To end this, here’s the sound of Russia. Cheerio!

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