A Husband, A Father

•my Mother’s Day/Father’s day post about my own parents needs a good edit- so it’s once again going to be a post “holiday” posting… you know you start writing way before Mother’s Day and end up not getting it done till after Father’s Day 😉 but I need to edit out a bunch of my personal stuff about myself…so ya know… I’ll get there.

We can share the joys of parenthood together. We can cry over our mistakes together. We can rejoice in the good and learn, even if slowly, how to be better day by day. At parenting. At being a spouse. In everything… Until we can finally shine and reflect the light like the gems that have been picked, faceted, polished… that they finally gleam and sparkle when the facetor is finally done! (I was super inspired by our visit to the nature and science museum so will have to post about the gems a little later… I write this as a reminder for myself.)

You see, we share the joys of being parents as we witness each other and our children’s lives. How incredible to be in the process from start to finish… to see the teeny baby become the person they will be one day… only to wonder who will they become!

I can tell you for the hundredth time: about the magical way Jemma talks, the funniest thing Bella did or said , how Luca shines when he smiles…and you will listen (or read my text) and will be happy and laugh and smile with me about it. It won’t be too much because you are their papa!

Thank you for your time, your love, your patience… and a huge happy father’s day to you!


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