Died From Laughter

i was going to post a blog post. it might have included the word, “flatulance” (oh pardon me for saying such a word! is it even alright for me to put such a word in a blog? well if you’re from a family who work at the hospital you grow up knowing and using such words and not being ashamed to speak them… but to make it slightly better, it has to do with Martin Luther so it’s not really that bad), and “died from laughter”, and maybe a tad bit on corona (the more somber of the topics.) also “flying up into the air and landing on my hip.” <— what?! it’s true.

but. i wrote the title, then got distracted by a snapchat conversation and thus i had no post. just a title. yes, i’m a bit too old for snapchat. sometimes i cant quite put it together and get a bit lost because i’ve forgotten what i asked, because well, the messages delete.

how many “conversation” or rather “communication” apps can one have?

so now to get my best friend these days, Biofreeze, and to off to bed i go. and i’ll get back to this post, or rather a new one, in a few…



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