Today, my hair is sleeked back into my hairless cat inspired style. What is that style you ask? Oh, just hair pulled completely away from my face, pinned up, secure, so that I don’t feel it in my face or on my neck. Thus feels hairless. It’s not my “quarantine hair.” It’s my normal. On that topic of hair. I had cut mine short awhile back because on a normal daily basis I do not need my hair all over me and down in my face so even putting it up in a pony tail gave me headaches. Headaches just from my hair!  I got tired of that. chop chop.

Yesterday, before our online church, I went on a walk. There’s something so nice about morning walks. When everything is still so fresh and new. Not in the heat of the day under an open sun. But in the nice morning breeze. Every sound is distinct and vibrant. Each chirp, each cricket. (There was a day this last week, that even all the chirping birds were driving me crazy. It became part of the noise. I know. So grouchy.) Anyway, we watched our service and our pastor used the word gnarly. And I couldn’t help but think that was the perfect word to describe me yesterday for most of the day. So gnarly! Uninspired, Unmotivated. No desire to do a thing. With a headache, agitated by every sound my kids made. Gnarly.

After, we took a drive out to the east of us, into the plains. This “quarantine stay at home” order, had me thinking about Little House On the Prairie. Imagine, the company of your family, with fields around for miles. No runs to the store late at night, no visits to the relatives or friends, on a whim. And here we are driving through plains. Fields and fields. I just can’t believe we live on the edge of the plains. Nothing is blooming. The trees are still bare, or dying. I see purple on the edge of the road in the fields and get excited. There are flowers! We see a young foal nursing. And my heart softens a bit. Spring.

We drove around the reservoir that’s a few minutes from our house. No pass was required and it was packed. Boaters, sunbathers. People packed. I had said we were out on a drive for “people sighting.” Well everybody was out. We saw people. heheh. You’d never know that we are under “quarantine.” Bikers, walkers. It’s like there’s the media world, and the real world.

So I started this day with logging out of social media on my phone. Less distractions. More time.

Luca asks Bella, “Why are you happy?” Jemma answers, “Because it says…” and starts reciting Psalm 100. Then Bella worships as she creates her own song, “Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, I love you…”

“I love you mama. Mother bear.”











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