Today’s agenda.

Washing the bedding. It doesn’t get old. Getting into a fresh laundered bed is one of many life’s pleasures.

Rinsing out my daughter’s eye with saline solution and applying hot compresses. For some reason she’s more prone to get an eye infection or some sort of issue, whatever it is. Everything else becomes second in line of priorities when you have to maintain a continuous regimen until it clears up. Thankfully, it has worked every time so far.

Putting away the rest of the groceries that I left out last night. The ones that didn’t need refrigeration, after Peter came home from grocery shopping. I haven’t grocery shopped  since we’ve started the “stay at home.” Mainly because I’ve developed some sort of allergies I’ve never had. It’s like this post nasal drip that has caused a continuous cough for over a month now. And let me tell you, you cough out in public and people will give you the glare, or jump ten feet back or something. How dare you come out sick?! When it actually has nothing to do with the virus at all. Peter has gone out for groceries, he’s picked up orders and we’ve had Costco deliveries. We’ve never done those things before and let me tell you, I’d rather pick out my own groceries especially fruits and vegetables. But I understand how helpful it can be to specific people and situations.

I like to go alone or Peter gets groceries. And I like to take my kids even if sometimes it can be such a hassle. But I’d like them to see, to know, not everything comes to your door at a push of a button. That there are people to interact with, that food doesn’t just appear out of nowhere,  that things don’t always come with a man at the door. That someone has to work to earn money, that there’s a whole world out there other than pushing a button and having something appear like magic. There’s something about going through the store and seeing people pick out food, shop, listen to tidbits around you without really speaking yourself. And getting a free balloon or cookie for the kids. That’s always exciting.


I can’t wait to get out to get flowers. This year we waited until after the snow in April and if feels like such a long wait!  We do minimal here because I personally don’t want to invest into making my dream garden and then leaving it behind. What it means is, nothing in me wants to put roots in Colorado. But potted flowers, little flower boxes, and now a bit bigger planter box which will hopefully attract butterflies for my butterfly lover. I want to put a little birdbath and a hummingbird feeder out there. My kids pretend and make all sorts of concoctions out of petals, grass, dirt. So the flowers are really for them to pick and enjoy because I know that will happen- they will pick at the petals. We just filled a bird feeder with birdfeed and it’s been so fun to watch how many different types of birds have to come to peck. And the squirrel.  I even saw a goldfinch and that was unusual and a rare exciting sighting!

Speaking of allergies and flowers. I know not everyone can enjoy them. I remember we were going to someone’s house whom we did not really know, and you know when you’re told you don’t need to bring anything food related at least, you just can’t come empty handed. So we figured at least some flowers. Otherwise imagine, it’s like coming making a huge ruckus with little kids, “here I am to gobble up some food, make a commotion, and say cheerio.” It just doesn’t feel right. Well, the way the flowers were put in, and what the flowers were put in, made me think unwillingly for just a split second, ‘someone must have allergies,’ and then that’s the last I thought about it. Here’s the thing, later on, way later, someone Peter talked to told him that someone in that household DID have allergies. And here I was sticking flowers into their home! And no one said a word. Awkward. Well, at least we didn’t know.

But that being said, flowers for me are like the newest hope of Spring and freshness. I watched Peter go out for his walk today thinking, ‘ah, we are the same.’ Because he stopped at our closest tree and examined the buds on it. He’s been working on that tree, fertilizing etc, because it could have withered like so many trees in this area, having to be replanted! And I had done the same. Stopped and looked. There’s the dead first buds after the April snow, and then the newest green ones. Life.

^Just need to custom matte it and frame.

When it comes to flowers and gardens, the first person I think of is my mom. Ever since I was a little girl, back in Russia, I remember pulling little baby orange carrots in my moms garden. You’d wonder why does one such thing stick out in all of our early years of memory. (I have quite an extensive collection of memories from those years for some reason.) My mom always had a garden, and flowers. There was that feeling of coming out of our house in Spokane, and the air, the fragrance, the feelings that came with it- seeing the tulips, her roses, her flowers she always worked on. Iris’s and Lily’s. All sorts.  If I had to make a  portrait of my mother, it would be of her surrounded by her flowers. Just like there’s a photograph of her mother, amongst her own flowers in Ukraine.

I went once to one of my favorite spots, a  garden center by the apartments we lived in for a bit when we moved here.  I had come for just a few specific plants. Well, there was no stopping me, I got lost. I got disoriented. I forgot what I came for. I wandered each aisle looking at each unique type, the different vast colors and fragrances. All in one place. It was so intoxicating. It makes you think, ‘oh how creative our God is.”


Things I have not done during quarantine.

have not baked sourdough bread. have not made dalgona coffee. did not reorganize my pantry. but now i’ve blogged about them so i’m in trend. meh heh. more on that some other time.


Some current favorites:

A kiss from Peter after he’s had some tea.

Multiple kisses from my little boy as he runs to me and to Peter and back to me and back to Peter smooching us and giggling.

The way children worship. Creating song or sharing a special prayer. I stare at them in wonder wondering what has been happening in their mind.

That the kids all take a nap each day!

Love notes from the girls. Endless. Bella has learned to write I love you on her own initiative so…







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