I’m that sinner, forgive me Lord.

What does it all mean?! Teach me Lord!

There’s a roar surrounding me but quiet, still peace in my heart. Oh, peace comes from you Lord.

Blessings don’t come from man, they come from you. I clearly see it Lord.

What should I do? Wait, says the Lord.

There’s not one left. It’s just you and me Lord.

What does it mean to be like you? Oh, it means I’ll feel pain, Lord.

What is love? Ah, to see through your eyes Lord.

Never! Oh you wait and see says the Lord.

Why? Why was I in such a storm? It’s not just about you. I told you to get into the boat and go, said the Lord.

There’s nothing left of me, my identity is completely in you Lord!

You are my Father, I am your child. I feel it Lord.

Do you trust me? I trust you. You are always in control Lord!

But I don’t want to! But it will pour out blessings, says the Lord.

I didn’t do a thing, it was all You Lord.

Who do I go to with this?! None but me, says the Lord. …complete and utter dependency on Him.

Thank You Lord!

(Epic moments of my life.)

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