Happy anniversary to my parents -40 years together!

When I think of Peter and myself, in comparison to them, we’re like babies in marriage! Just shy of eight years.

Sometimes I tell Peter something and it doesn’t sound so cool, but then he listens to something and comes and shares with me and I’m like, “what! that’s what I said!” Apparently, not everything that comes out of my mouth is as cool as when it comes out of someone else’s;) I suppose that’s how it is in life, kids hear their parents say the same stuff over and over and ignore it, then someone comes along and wow, it’s genius all of a sudden!

I suppose as we walk this path together, living life with all it brings, we still differ in how we see things, what we question about our own walk as individuals…his questions aren’t mine…I know, after eight years, he still has the same questions and we have the same discussions and I say the same answers. I, on the other hand, probably don’t quite make sense, especially when I tell him, “my life just makes sense.” If there was anything I ever wondered, it’s been answered. I haven’t ever heard anyone ever tell me that they just get it, all of it, so I know I must sound strange.


A coffee is just a coffee, homeschool is just homeschool, babies are just babies, flowers are just flowers, books, quotes, lyrics, songs… all personal and about me and my life.

Not to preach, not to teach, not to talk at someone, not to question or correct anyone. Why do I say this in my public blog of a space? Because I like randomly blogging, I like posting pictures, and I like captions that just sometimes stand out just for me… sometimes isolated, nothing to do with anything and anyone. Why again? Because I had just recently posted about being real. And when you say something like that people’s ears perk up, thinking there’s some gossip worthy info about to go up. My idea of what’s real is quite boring. My idea of real is not airing out my laundry for the world to see. Do not want to ever shame my kids before they ever get a chance to even do so themselves. Try not to talk (gossip) about others before I’ve even talked or asked them myself. Don’t like talking to family about family. It divides. Real to me, isn’t blabbering about anything and everything to the world. Still big on discernment (even when it’s challenging.) And the biggest one of all, sometimes being real means there are some things in life that you just don’t talk about to anyone. Still real. So to anyone who happens to cross these pages (and those who will never admit they actually read it) for me being real is in actual tangible life. Face to face.

For example, to this day, I find people being curious, why Irina this and that, such and such, married at 28? And the funny thing is, they always go sideways and backwards. And what do I do? I smile. It’s simple, face to face conversations, direct questions=answers. So simple. If I don’t answer- well then there’s a reason for that. Most of the time, people just don’t ask.


First time in a long time, I haven’t thought about the coming of fall, about September being here, what I’m getting my kids for Christmas! Usually that happens in summer!


If I care and go to such lengths to get somewhere, well, there wouldn’t be reason for me to go back. It only makes sense.


Praise the Lord. Period. Done.

It’s moving time.

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