I open up the windows for fresh air but there is no fresh air. Just smoke. All the fires have turned the sky grey and dismal. I can’t imagine the people who have to deal with it up close! With a recent move and the house being a complete disaster, I still took my kids out today, down to the water where it actually wasn’t so bad to breath.


I listened to a speaker, that prior to just recently, I’ve never actually heard of. I’m sure there are so many great people with great knowledge and able speech out there that it’s not possible to know of them all nor listen to them all. Kind of like good books. They’re there, but not everybody has read them. Since I just heard of him, I decided to look up some of his stuff. So late last night, I listened to some of the latest postings, each little session and finished the rest, of the eight, this morning. It’s as if it was a tender conversation, guidance from one preacher to another. And although I’m not a preacher, I felt like I needed to hear the words. As if those words were strangely timely to my own life. So strange. But good.


“Any conversation where Christ is not the theme, it’s nothing more than useless words.”

It made me sad, it made me ashamed. It made me think of the importance even more so. So many of the words that come out of my mouth are just useless. Just thinking about that is quite sobering.

Above all else seek Jesus. I needed that reminder. Being more meaningful, not distracted, not hurried… all the things I struggle with. It’s easier if it was just the only thing, but no one just does just one thing. (The ones that do are just blessed!) Otherwise, we’re constantly juggling.

Of course I still like to talk about the places I go to, the things I see, the regular normal things people chit chat about. Like food and coffee. And cake. That’s just normal…


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