Jesus Wins

“Simple is hard.” -E.M

How to make something complicated seem simple. Easy to understand. Clear.

We obviously live in a world where all that is sacred is being attacked and destroyed. Babies yet unborn, innocent minds of children, families and marriages, education, and churches. And it’s as if evil will try to take it down, if not one way, another. And somewhere it does. Momentarily, evil wins. And in that moment how it laughs and feels success.

Most people are wondering what will the future hold? What’s going to happen? Who knows the future?? I do. And so do you, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. In the future, Jesus wins! Momentarily all around the world, evil triumphs. A baby is killed, someone takes their life, a marriage falls apart, and every kind of sadness or despicable act that you can imagine that ideally should not happen, happens. Momentarily in view of eternity. Yes, for someone their world is turned upside down. Yes, people are crushed and broken and that “moment” is no moment for them. It’s painful, it can take years to overcome. But evil does not win. Jesus does.

“And the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur, into which the beast and the false prophet had already been thrown. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.” -Revelation 20:10 (Reading the book of Revelation can put a certain terror over you! It can also give hope. It can also show the importance of pointing people to Jesus Christ.)

That is the future.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, in my life, let alone anyone else’s. I don’t know how I will die and when. Goodness, in knowing, the anticipation alone would kill, right?!

If I had a revelation from God for my own personal life, in a specific situation, with things directly concerning me, where I stood in life and those to do with it, well, it was for that specific situation where I was personally involved in. I couldn’t take that event and apply it to anything else, on my own. Anything that trickles down from it, well, it’s not in my hands…

Random: The holy spirit can not be manipulated. (I heard on this topic from the church I went to for the first year when I first got married.) But hearing is one thing. Seeing it and believing is even better! Not by me, not by others.


If I had a friend, someone who I know, am involved with, spent time with, talked to, had a personal connection with, and if that friend were to tell me she wanted to do an abortion, I would have this urgency to do anything and everything in my power to show her, to try to get her to see, to stop her from going through with it. Because of who I am, because of what I believe about life, babies, the preciousness of it. She might hate me, she might get irritated, she might push me away and ignore me…But I would have tried! If she followed through, I would be broken. At that moment, I know evil would have triumphed.

Could I speak into a life of a woman I do not know or ever talk to in any way, say in Hillaballoo, America? (hopefully there is no city with such a name and no such lady living there!) No, I couldn’t. I’d have no “voice” into her life. My influence would be of no use. Because I am not directly or personally involved in her life. (this is just a silly example.) I am no one to say anything, anywhere of how to go about life!

Sometimes in life, God puts a sense of urgency on our heart to stop evil from taking what is not his to take! In a situation where I am directly connected. A sleepless night of heart pounding fret. Puts you in a place you’d do something that seems strange, uncomfortable, scary…unconventional. But He also puts the thoughts in your mind, the words in your mouth… Not to take credit for it at all because in my place, my puny little brain would have never been able to do so myself.

If God puts it onto someone’s heart to do something, they will have to do it. Nobody can tell them what to do. If they have the power to do anything to stop any sort of evil, then it is for them to know what God has put on their heart and what to do about it. God does it! That doesn’t mean that situation will be for all.


Some might say, you’re still here because you’re being blind to man’s motives. No. I am quite aware of motives. Motives can also change. Some are blind to it. Some are blind to their own motives. They do not see the source and depth of the root of what they do. We have a tendency to lie even to ourselves and suppress even when shown. But, eventually, God softens the heart, and even those deep roots of all things done, come to the surface and are dealt with. In time. God will use any kind of motives for His doings.

To persevere and keep doing something until the time is right. When God changes the direction again. Most likely it’ll be evident.


In the house we lived in back in Colorado, there were six giant windows into the main space of our home. I loved the light it brought into the house. But I also hated the fact that the top ones had no blinds and that anytime you’d turn on the lights upstairs, it’s as if all the neighboring houses could just stare right in. Living on display, as if being watched for 5 years! horrible. So when we rented this current house and I looked out into the backyard, what do I see but trees all across the back blocking every single house and window I could see! What a thrill. Some privacy. I love privacy. But then I discover, the big windows, even closed have large cracks in them where they don’t seal all the way! Everything is heard from inside and outside. How comical!

I guess in this life, we don’t ever really have privacy. But the best thing I can think of now, and the importance of it, is if we live a life where we have nothing to hide, we are free. We don’t have to fret about what is heard. If someone were to hack your mind, let alone anything else, what would they see? Right now,  if someone where to hack my mind, they’d hear the most used words, “Lord, help me. Tell me what to do!” (Not in a helpless, fearful way. Just guidance.)


Why do I feel like I’m always late to the game? Why do I feel like I’m here talking to the trees!? Alone, piecing things together like some mad man! How can I possibly know what was said, to whom, and what is it all about. So. If there’s anything said about me, I didn’t speak it.

Again. Just a speck of dust in the sands of the ocean shores.




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