Photo Credit: Peter Shpak
Photo Credit: Peter Shpak

I started blogging in 2010, writing little posts mainly for my own amusement and entertainment. I’m not a consistent ‘blogger‘ so to me it’s just another outlet to sometimes share my own personal thoughts and musings. You can view old posts at irinashpak.blogspot.com.

When it comes to talking about myself, it is really easy for me to say a lot without saying anything. I find that through writing, in abstract ways, it’s easier to say much more about myself than in any one conversation. But how do you say who you are without writing a book?

By trade, I am a hairstylist. I will always be a hairstylist -it’s just part of me! But currently and primarily, I’m first and foremost a wife to my wonderful husband, and a mother to our darling girls. We recently (September 2015) moved from the Seattle area to the Denver area, where we had our second daughter, and are a family seeking to be like Jesus more and more, day by day.

I believe in beautiful.

I dabble in anything that I find interest in, and find beauty in pretty much everything. From all things creative, beauty and hairdressing, photography, styling, cooking and baking, travel and exploring, or just thoughts on life, and being a wife and mother.


Irina Shpak