I could grumble. Another year and Thanksgiving will look yet again different. Not the way it was desired or planned. But I am choosing to be thankful. As I heard recently, and see in my own life, seasons come and go, a chapter at a time, and I’m so thankful that I can feel the turn of another chapter in my life. A short ‘season’ at it’s end. What a relief. There’s no greater call in my life right now than that to be a wife and mother. (I find it really important, for myself, that it be heard, understood, respected…) To persevere in that and that alone, for this time of my life. To pursue diligence, to “lead a quiet life and work with my hands.” And oh, my hands are full! There would be no calling for me to give up tangible, real, beautiful moments of my life and succumb to the illusion of community and communication. (You know that stuff of online, social media worlds that people get sucked into and can’t ever get out, always trying to fix and explain misunderstandings, make life look more glorious than it is, etc… that kind of world only asks for disasters and more misunderstandings than anyone ever needs in life.) There’s always the call to be humble, gracious, love people, love God and always give glory to Him.


“Be a people who breathes grace not judgement…” -Timothy Keller, from an old sermon that keeps turning on by default in my car when I plug in my phone.

Grace upon grace upon grace… So thankful for grace.


I used to enjoy my silly postings in a blog, when there is no audience, no care, lost in the world wide web. My ‘creative outlet’ to keep since anything I write on paper gets burned eventually (yes i know, pathetic but true.) But I find it has lost its functionality in my life and can not be used so again. (Meaning, I will not be posting anything else in this blog. So there’s no meanings put into my words that aren’t intended whatsoever, no more misunderstandings…) As sad as it is for me, it is for the best. Until another time perhaps.

*the ongoing thought. On one hand- perhaps I’m just being severely tested, slandered, being pushed to the max? To see what I do once again. On the other hand, perhaps it’s just great human error- then pity still overpowers anger once again. I am choosing grace!

Thank you God for sanity in the craziest time ever! Staying thankful.