Sea Glass

The last two days I’ve gotten to come to the bay alone. As always the best gifts from my husband are time alone. There’s nothing like sitting at the water’s edge and just watching, listening… so much of me loves to just be quiet, silent, still. But both days this weekend, I’ve gotten to enjoy the sweetest conversation with some people passing by. You start talking about the heron and it leads on to other things… jokes, laughter, life… Today I asked the lady what she was collecting… What started from a question and answer about sea glass led to a such a sweet time of fellowship with a fellow believer. “You don’t even know my name and here I am burdening you…” If people just knew, it’s not burdens at all. I told her I love to listen. I love stories. You walk through life and its stories of people that always put things to perspective, or keep your eyes open, or remind you of what’s important. She shared the struggles of her daughter’s heroin addiction, caring for her granddaughter, adoption of one grandson, death of another grandson… And it pains my heart every time I hear it, when people struggle with why God allows pain to happen. So we talked about that. My heart is filled. I might not have gone to a church building today, but I felt fed.

I start listening to the sermon. Stop to take a photo of a cute seal bopping out of the water. Then stop listening to throw a ball to a dog (I’m scared of big dogs but it’s like they always run to me so I’m learning.) Then stop to take a photo of a bird diving for a fish. And then stop altogether only to finish way later, to talk to the sweet soul wandering collecting sea glass. That was church.

I ask people if I may take their photo. I know I’m so weird. But that’s how I photo journal and can remember them. So I have two little ladies in my phone and a bunch of dogs and herons and the water. There can never be enough photos of water.

I do things out of love. Not to get anything for it, but because I love.

“Let all that you do be done in love.”

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭16:14‬ ‭

Because I love God and I love people.